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Must be at least 8 bars, preferably 16-32. Must be a serious attempt. What does blind mode mean?

Max of 32 lines


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  • NextApollo, LastApollo
  • this song about to blast Apollo
  • You get smacked in sorrow, get smacked tomorrow
  • NextApollo is too trash to follow
  • Tough pill to swallow, I'll slice open your spleen
  • NextApollo is a 2012 meme
  • You're going braindead from too much lean
  • NextApollo is about to be Apollo 13


  • Imperium Duke thinks hes real rap
  • Put yo dukes up, bet you get knocked out real fast
  • Lil boy duke still stuck with the basics
  • Doesn't know Apollo juking like his name is the matrix
  • Rap god, your the caveman, how the fuck you get your layman
  • When your raps more basic than an instagram painting
  • Average eminem stan, saying lemme try to rap
  • When all your gonna do is repeat what eminem had spat
  • Mumble rap crap, i hate autotune, fuck rap
  • Man only loves art, when its downbad and sad
  • I got stripes, you got spots, we are not the same thing
  • This lil journeyman wants to fight a devin haney
  • I'll bring on the pain, back in blood, you can call me pooh shiesty
  • I keep it quiet, you keep it loud, to me your nothing but a hypebeast
  • If this was castlevania, your the bishop, i am dracula
  • I am out of your league, I am Arthur with excalibur
  • Fight with me again, and I will slice you into pieces
  • You can't chop it up like em, this cutting board your only weakness

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