Battles  TheArmageddon vs Dope_Doc


no bad words, just feelings thru non-explicit words

Max of 18 lines


Dope_Doc won this battle!


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Battle on November 22 2022


  • alright, okay i guess i made a mistake,
  • but it seems you might be rapping like Drake,
  • all those words that you used , such as my fat chin,
  • are u actually desperate to look at people's skin?
  • or it seems you're in dire need to attention
  • that's why your words drip with aggression
  • i know my words don't mean much cuz you don't have much brains
  • but I'll be there when you die, to get your remains.
  • Meanwhile, soak in all that boast about how you are greater
  • but inside, you also know you a big hater
  • For i know, you might be sitting thinking that this kid's dead
  • but you dont know the brainstorming i do in my head
  • i'm an angel sitting on your shoulder
  • that knows that you're scared and afraid of roller coasters
  • so i end my discussion cuz i know i've said enough
  • because my words are wisdom, and your words are just bluff.


  • I ain’t sweatin’ Armageddon, he’s the first to sprint when I bust out the seventh weapon.
  • The first six will split his dome into bits, I reload my clips, meet-up with his chick and thrust my hips.
  • Turn back the clock, you ain’t as hot as Doc, cuz I’m foul, like Jordan shooting a free-shot.
  • I got hands but my words are hurtful, this is dinner, so no desert, bull, I’m all full.
  • But when it’s comes to your raps they’re awful, you’re left distraught, caught by the dirty Doc and his glock.
  • I spit so much hell my tickets revoked for heaven, as I’m surrounding, your heart will stop pounding, no Kevin.
  • Neck Iced out with Cubes, packed the troops, your dismemberment recorded for YouTube as we laugh at you.
  • Dog, you’ve been snooping around like a clown, a death note sent to your mother and she’s going down like town.
  • You’re a perverted nerded German, the way the hurd is worded you’ll be crying and running to your Sherman.
  • Games are full of lames with trained dames, An Angel would never stand on my shoulder, cuz it’ll burst into flames.
  • I’m a dog that’s evil, more than your average people, knock at the door and you’ll get your eye taken through the peephole.
  • Round three won’t even occur, these past two whoopings must’ve been a blur, your raps aren’t efficient enough, you’re just hurt.
  • Mess around with a Doc, cut to the Dope digging a hole in the dirt.

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