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  • im in a stage
  • rapping out a phase
  • everythings going so well till...HALT!
  • it starts going down hill
  • and nothing really makes sense
  • it all intense
  • i try to leap the fence to easy street
  • but not everthing so breezy
  • im not doing anything to stop it
  • exept lighting a fire
  • and having a desire
  • for a higher and brighter future
  • unlike most fools
  • i belive in a better life
  • and i will survive
  • till those who crossed me cries for mercy
  • and then i'll be free
  • controled by nobody
  • i can plan to go to do what i want
  • no matter the cost
  • without being stopped
  • so i say goodnight to you
  • an goodnight all


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  • Nobody stopp'en the slayer/Off in the radar/Get propped in a wager/ To be softened: A wafer/ You a dick rider so sausage is gayer/I'll take you to the fields to be pick'en: cotton in order for you to pocket a wager/Property payers/Face me in a ski mask in the vast darkness, strapped witta Harness shacked to the roof,I'm hardly harmless when I'm pop'en these strangers/Seven holes through the face of an imposter traitor/So best deposit proper paper/Or get your eye socket socked in your bosses favor/Your bitch ain't getting my dick, cos she already sucked it clean till it lost its flavor/Pussies like you gossip pacers/Flapp'en out the mouth until your jaws been removed from this sprocket spacer/Then next it's the wattage taser/Aimed right at ya pearly blouse/ shits considered soft behaviour/You seemed to have learned off the neighbor/ So watch yourself: complicator/I'll confiscate the/Air you breath as how dare you stare to me, like you've spot ya place sir/Cos if it's pencil on the paper, I'll annihilate you beyond eraser/I'm platinum, your looking for bronzer shaver/I'm looking to completely compete G: dominator/I don't give a fuck about how much cash your sponsor paid cuh/It ain't gonna save you from dwelling within this monsters cave, crushed/Which politician given the chance to live in advance deserves this concentrative convicts blade stiffed/Right into his closed minded contemplative/ swamp of conquered bailiffs/ He doesnt even get back to: unresponsive status/So to his wife, I've picked that slut up with my hung knee: longer sabre/Dont worry, theres some left for crocodile dundee on it later/He swapped a smile for her undies=Vomit vapor/Cos your bitch so dry, I broke bricks/ both thick so tight/ notice those tighs/ no neither did I when she cried that I wouldn't let her open wide/ soaked in white as she likes to chok in rides,/ until she's just a broken slide/ what's wrong in danger?/Uh Aids, chlymedia, Ron's this way huh?/Well keep him the fuck away from me and my team or I'm gone:evasive/As ya ramble non persuasive/So called facts as if honest debated/And as soon you read this, perspective: your gonna replace with/A full thought with an empty stomach like a dollar a day shift/I told you when I'm a scholar I say shit/That can bother a native/Take his Wife, Boat, and his mother to make kids/Even get a pet otter in: hang with/Someday may even offer: engagement/What'do ya say prince?/ Let the king pass through to topper arrangements/Or get destroyed by me in context, bilingual shit like, what other language?/For these bars surely class as a prosperous anguish/Yet with this this, A flosser sits opposite, ashamed: Bitch/I've got a gift retrieved from Gods abyss written in obelisk as it is just as obvious: A main switch/To flicker a fuse as I force him to be a sniffer abused used by miss bossy tits: adjacent/So if a rap battle is what you want than you can cop a soccer kick attained quick/

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