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Round 1

Max of 27 lines


XTTASY won this battle!


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  • Haven't battled in a year now all the sudden you want it to be the end of your career
  • Fuck haven't been relevant in a year now all the dude you appear God this man is such a Fucking queer
  • Dissing Jordan lil white boy named Corbin? Man fuck this ill leave you in a coffin
  • Bleeding n coughing yo whole family watching on my page you stalking
  • Ecstasy mess with me ima get my weaponry I won't let this drug get the best of me
  • Ecstasy I'm about to ruin your legacy battling me you need to be flexibly you got there eventually
  • Ecstasy whyd you come back it's just more irrelevancy everyone know I'm a g my rhymes are sum you never see
  • Stop riding my meat yk you can't fucking compete mess with me end up dead on some concrete
  • Livin on the street this motha fucka gotta fetish with the feet mess with me and your guaranteed to end up six feet deep
  • Going silent in this battle you need to speak motha fucka is like a dog someone give him a treat
  • We going by grams by 90 you'll be fried wanting to commit suicide if I'm doing it wrong I'm also doing it right
  • You want beef let's take it outside I'll kill you if it's onsight if this was football Ill be offsides
  • This bitch must be lopside coming at me all depressed but he cried hating me but you hide
  • Hey man atleast you tried I get it coming at me didn't expect a homicide tonight is the night that you will die
  • This man is having a relapse he needs to lay back and relax everyone coming at me look at these fuckingg fags
  • Guess who's back? Came back ready tto smack came back ready to attack so you got it you a bitch just like you gspoting( g-dot)


  • So you my opponent, God was way too nice
  • Cause X'll cross you out like Jesus Christ
  • Now that I'm back, y'all will be losing fights
  • I'm like a boxer in this bitch the way i got em dead to rights
  • Bro, tou battlin me, shit was a massive error
  • Cause I'm so sick my name should be under the weather
  • I mean I hang with G's in the hood, rappad's your whole social network
  • I'll put my sights on you like no girl ever
  • But I'm mad now, take my gun out
  • Blaw, Blaw the piece leave em in a dustcloud
  • Switch to hollows, he catch one round
  • Then he get six more points like a touchdown
  • You fucked up, back down
  • This ain't a battle, I'm at the playground
  • Shots got em tipsy, he in a bar now
  • This proof the 45'll put you on your ass like a blackout

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