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  • Uh Mama said teach them boys a lesson
  • I Been down this road back then with ma boy jack
  • We used to sound whack
  • Like you and your crewwwww
  • Who knew my shit will be on your phones
  • Block boys tryna be me
  • It's insane how I do this with eaze
  • This is a piece of cake
  • May be a piece of cheese
  • I deserve the respect from y'all
  • I wrote this while taking a dump
  • Cause I know it's shit like you
  • Am not started yet this is just a taste
  • On the flow with no sauce


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  • This song is prolly something I would write if I was still in Reading.
  • Just showing what my life was like before I was adopted.
  • What you mean man? I'm fucking your cousin.
  • Got the Blicky, but you clutchin' for nothin'.
  • Daddy was hustlin' man grew up gunnin'.
  • Purging the city. No pushing my buttons.
  • Leaving no evidence. He shot up innocents.
  • Left the whole fam like a motha fuckin immigrant.
  • Shoot his spaghetti if he not ready.
  • My aim is steady. Killed about twenty.
  • Got a manchette, cut em like Freddy.
  • Clip has gone empty, it gon' get deadly.

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