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Battle on October 29 2022


  • They say they say. They want to battle.
  • Don't they know that I'm the troublemaker. Hear my lion roar.
  • Beat you up more than Bruce lee. Make you drop to your knees.
  • Here we go.
  • Why you hide. You coming like a Japanese ninja. Guess so, don't you know,
  • we know about them cause there bad at being ninjas in disguise.
  • Why you think we know them?
  • Squish and catch you with chopsticks like flies.
  • I'm karate kid and you're just the bully. I win with a crane kick. It's Halloween
  • trick or treat. Like Michael Myers left out of the gang of psycho killers.
  • If you ran for president, the only thing you should be running is on a treadmill.
  • Wait why'd you bring a fork to the Superbowl?
  • That comes from your mom's blood. Explains why she opened pineapples
  • saying, "SpongeBob are you in there?"
  • Next time you rap with me. You'll see. It'll go quick and easy. Who's the winner.
  • Well see look at the sinner loser. Might as well give me the trophy.
  • As I'm not the one who's so lonely and nobody except their mommy.


  • Yeah I'll give you an award, for participation
  • Cause ain't no way that you thought you'd win with the shit you sayin'
  • I pull out the MAC and trust me I will get to sprayin'
  • I'm not playin' when I said you better get to prayin'
  • I don't even have to think to write shit that's better than yours
  • I'll go harder the second this kid matures
  • What makes it sad is that you tried
  • Get ready for this homicide
  • Prepare yourself for this moment of fame cause once I'm done you'll be set aside
  • Shit, the upside is that I gave you some attention
  • Cause after I murder you this battle people will mention
  • Get ready for the question
  • "How the fuck did he beat you in this damn election"
  • Anyway I'ma need you to get with the program
  • Cause murdering these rappers is part of the whole plan
  • And you are an enemy like the Taliban
  • Come for me and I'll murder you and your whole clan
  • Your lines don't make sense, therefore hence
  • The fact that when I beat you that's what makes it intense
  • I'ma let you get away with gaining fame from my name
  • But just know you prolly like the worst rapper in the game

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