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I will win anyway so it doesn't even matter.

Max of 18 lines


KaraTheBadAss won this battle!


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  • Yo it's Kara The Badass set and ready to kick your fat ass
  • Dude your 20 years older than me not 5 did you take math class?
  • Apparently not because your IQ is the same as your shoe size
  • No wonder you act like a little man with little man feet fool cry
  • You can't deny that I'm gonna be the greatest thing ever
  • While we can't deny your gonna be the greatest thing never
  • I bet I get laid more than you do like an attractive actress
  • The only time you get laid is when you lay in your massive mattress
  • I don't wanna get too vulgar but let's just say there's more in store
  • There's more for sure on display in the middle till your core is torn
  • So yeah I'll leave it at that I have a good habit of being good
  • To be me you wish and you would but really you never could
  • Really you should and you would but never could get fact smothered
  • For good you never stood a chance a sitting man is lackluster
  • Where's your true potential? Hidden no it never existed
  • Because you have no potential while I do It always persisted


  • 0 wins and 7 losses? I’ll kill this whore with precision,
  • leave kar broken in half like a fucking highway collision,
  • Your rules are a stretch, you won’t even put up a fight,
  • But your name includes “bad” and “ass”, atleast you got that right,
  • A blind battle won’t stop me from making you die, ho,
  • I’ll beat this bitch while I type this shit with my eyes closed,
  • This slut is easy because she’ll go down quick,
  • I’ll leave ass exposed like your fucking profile pic
  • You were pounded by everyone as far as I can tell,
  • Now sins is all over you, so fucking burn in hell

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