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  • finna blow niggas spots like damnations getting head
  • with this pen I shred sever heads and posses your mental dread
  • shit I spit is hideous to pity the little kids
  • and take wanna of there crayons and scribble over there kiddy shit
  • they call me Nado cause I brew storms started off as a coffee bean
  • parts of me see sharks when I sleep nibbling and jawing me
  • no scratch I swam out that shit call it a wet dream
  • and yes sharks turn me on no wonder I woke up with my bed peed
  • ight enough of the witty shit im serious bout to come wit
  • some shit to make you dizzy wit so riddle me this
  • im the element of surprise wit my bitch that's twenty nine
  • cop her periodically she can't be broken down cause bitch is really fine
  • sit inside my mind thinking of a rhyme to rewind time
  • but its impossible that's my dedication when I rewrite lines
  • talk is cheap but price comes with that
  • with a receipt back that says fuck u fag
  • cause motherfuckers is bark with no bite
  • and if im so wrong how are u so right ?
  • don't try when it comes to pro might
  • end up in whole fight spitting flows
  • so tight that your motherfucking hope slides
  • and no this aint a diss to TwistedThingz
  • but if shit re-steams he'll be there for me to spit them schemes
  • so this is a call out to niggas sitting ain't doing shit
  • get up pick up your pad and think of some slick clips
  • to rip im picked from the grapevine to fuck up the stuck ups
  • and erupt
  • this is Nado bitch done playing with these slangs don't say I aint creative prick


  • Rollin' the dough, goin' slow, stackin' up them bills while I'm full
  • "King of the Hill" with the gold, a pocketful, lint is a pocket full
  • Unstoppable, rumble like Emmanuel, shakin' the ground again
  • Kurt Kobain goin' off the end, you can't comprehend, this constant trend
  • A constant blend, when it trends, it drags the trail, smash the car, got no detail
  • The tail of the deer is headin' near, the head 'n ass followin' here
  • Leads the trail, then just dies, that's reality, "The Circle Of Life"
  • Uncontrollably, postin' the atrocious meme, of the boulder scheme
  • Goes extreme, blood's here, water gone, now it's an ex-stream
  • Got that esteem to seem like me, a pussy with money, they tryna flex, it's funny
  • Skim through the magazine then empty it, pull out the gun, reload, adjust the clip
  • Desperate with relationships, a syllable witch becomes the silicone bitch
  • They daughters on the swing, now they gonna swing a fist to me, knock 'em out hard, now they bleed
  • Everyhting blows over, now they gonna blow under, they under a man of thunder
  • Each time they fuck, it's like a roll of hunger, empty the stick, now they fuckin' "Munsters"
  • They skinned, death begin, it's a sin, to rap with a fuckin' bitch
  • Words like knife, you gon' get a stitch, now I'm bowling them down that lane of doubt
  • Fuck you up every time you wantin' clout, don't shout, I doubt the clout is yours, oh wow
  • Them words be rollin' off like a slow ass dog, a bong, and a brand new job
  • Attorney at law when they rig the system, the new cops goin' out to get some (prostitutes)
  • Slip they badge 'n gat into your ass, call it rape 'till they give you the cash
  • React at last, I'd fuck this dance if this dance had an ass, it should the way you shakin' it, damn
  • It's a pain in the ass when the kid got cash, gon' purchase whatever they can
  • Now bash they favorite musician, tell me, isn't that what parenting is?
  • Trash Eminem 'cause he's white 'n rappin', that's always the parent's solution
  • They in the trap already, "Parent Trap", go Eddie. He's steady, huntin' young Kelly
  • Knife to her throat, silence her (silencer), tell her "don't speak"
  • Murderin' all of 'em, bodies in a pile, they at their peak

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