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ha lol i give up

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  • they're trapped in their minds
  • their eating themselves alive
  • on each other's pain they thrive
  • begging for attention
  • a deadly addiction
  • their lives have become some story book fiction
  • picturin perfect lives that'll never come
  • not facing the reality this earth has become
  • while electing president war has begun
  • whether to have Joe Biden or Donald Trump!
  • racism exist in all colors not one
  • social unjust rising one after one
  • (I don't think our world can handle this anymore)


  • Therapy, as i get glares at me
  • Mentally i got no clarity
  • Barely loving myself tearing me
  • Down i can't stop thinking about my destiny
  • Endlessly i remind myself that helplessly
  • There ain't a guarantee that eventually
  • I turn out to be a success successfully
  • Not when their's so many enemies besting me
  • Restlessly i'm rhyming and fighting unsuccessfully
  • But i will not stop testing me, their ain't no rest in me
  • But is their a best in me, lessening me
  • The devil is in me in my head pestering me
  • Stressful as i lie in bed pressuring me
  • I cannot see with this red sweltering me
  • Put on my Bose and see the smoke exiting
  • Write on the Note with an Apple spitting Ativan
  • And i can vibing to Way I am as i battle
  • Winning and flowing and going with agile
  • Sinning and growing and mowing dismantle
  • Anyone fucker who wanna get trampled yuh

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