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Talk about going through a low point in your life

Max of 18 lines


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  • on every occasion, i've been ashamed and degraded
  • never stopped phasing the fact that he made it
  • hes just one of the lame kids one to preach the same shit
  • speak the frequent of same fibs, same tricks, same script
  • same skit that he used to smash the same chick
  • never did you notice, just let him switch your focus
  • you put me at my lowest, mind frozen feeling hopeless
  • and even though i'm broken, i still hold you as the closest
  • in case i couldn't take it, pills kept me sedated
  • To bottle the harm all my frustrations created
  • so in other words, translated,
  • gave in to what i've been faced with
  • through the duration that i let it stay in,
  • All related, stress and problems in rotation,
  • It’s hard to erase it, slumped out in devastation


  • ha, yall see sixsins
  • more like idiot
  • let me tell you a secret
  • I'm about to whip
  • your ass like your relationship
  • I worked hard for this
  • Now I'm focused
  • I have everything I wished
  • bc I was told I wouldn't be shit
  • Now look what I did
  • I'm a lucid
  • barz I spit
  • I'm filling my wallet
  • So go ahead and quit
  • bc I already win

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