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  • stackin dese racks
  • playa got swag
  • bling bling muh'fuckaz, mad steezin all year around
  • study dat freakometry
  • pleasure seekin geometry
  • gratitude for tha celestial n' tha underground economy
  • cut a bitch, heart strings in recoil, tight wires gonna snap
  • seen a whole gondola hir free fall
  • sadness 'n regret, lest not forget tha guilt
  • piercing anger, slashin thru all of dese frills
  • shark in dese waterz, blood in my gills
  • one drop bitches, 'n i'm in for tha kill
  • fuck a hoe, i'm lookin for wifey
  • someone to befriend, help me carry dat knifey
  • chef in tha kitchen, lookin at lifey
  • register tha bounty to pay for tha loss
  • fistful of stacks, holdin chrome like trophy
  • ghost in dese wires, ghost on dese tracks
  • lust for tha fame, lust for tha money
  • drown in dat bucket, bee in it's own honey
  • killa, killa bees y'all, one for tha enthrall
  • tha power of nature beckons 'n calls


  • on your rules you write dots but I rhyme on the spot
  • Off the top, chop off your head
  • Leave you covered in red, your momma finds my sword on the bed
  • I spit hot lead my lines will cut off your dreads
  • Slice through your stomach like I'm cutting some bread
  • You raps are treacherous my rhyming is so effortless
  • I'll throw you out of the precipice, my right hook hits as if I'm catching fish
  • I like to test this pessimist so he can never call himself a Meth-odist
  • You are not my concern but I give you the burn
  • Until you feel me inside like some stomach worms
  • If I see you in a rap show punch you in the torso
  • and smoke your ass like Marlbro
  • I'm dangerous, I display flames so high that his death painless
  • But no gives a fuck about him so he shall remain nameless
  • I'm hotter, beat him up a piƱata
  • Then continue to spin his head in front the whole world call me Globetrotter
  • Your rhymes are not potent as mine
  • I see him digging the garbage to get my throwaway lines
  • My shit is divine hands fast as a puma
  • Scratch and smack your ass call me the pummeler
  • It ain't over till the fat lady sings,
  • but fat ladies aint my kink so I'm busting till the opera is dead
  • Chop this motherfucker to shreds, adopt the bastard so I can put him to bed

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