Battles  N0tWorthIt vs Atlantian


Write as much diss, as you can in 5 minutes. If you go over 5 minutes then you a fake. That includes editing.

Max of 39 lines


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  • mm
  • Go lyrical on a sentence got bitches prayin for pentance
  • Got bars top from bottom like a microsoft headin
  • dunno why this bitch wanna fight he really be testin
  • if he dont shut up soon i can make it happen pull out a glock say 1-7
  • make things happen and call it magic
  • freestyle and see your loss (tradgic) time is dedactin I cant prepare it
  • and if you goin more than 5 minutes then i gotta compare it
  • get judged by a motherfucka who dated your parents
  • if you a real one than maybe youll experience a marriage
  • Spittin for 5 minutes yeah i wont edit
  • Cause i can spit a few bars and mentally set it
  • Your loss be waiting for you better go get it
  • raps endin soon like how i gonna scrap it
  • rappin randomly feelin bars like a static
  • feel so high up like im in your attic
  • 5 minutes is over so i cant edit this dogshit anyways gg


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  • Thinking about this battle like is it worth
  • Boy you ain't worth shit, you ain't even worthless
  • You showing your ass, I'm canceling it, lights, curtain
  • I know you read your raps back and be hurting
  • You a dumb ass nigga, you ain't certain
  • I can tell you're a lame, a whole bitch
  • I wouldn't even shoot you, would just slap you with the switch
  • Even in September I'll leave your body in a ditch
  • I'm not a rat but everything automatically clicks
  • Get off rappad and I'll shoot your ass with clips
  • Print this out on PDF and give it to the FBI
  • I don't give a shit

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