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rap about a time when a girl broke your heart and you hated them for it

Max of 18 lines


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  • chorus bad bad bad bad mad mad mad mad
  • lookin in the mirror saying to myself you got swag All these girls missing out on all your swag
  • Verse look all girls are the same all they want to is break your heart and is makes me mad mad mad mad
  • yea see I had this girlfriend 2 weeks ago and we broke up last tuesday she broke my heart
  • I loved her and i thought she loved me but i guess not like I said at the beginning all girls are the same see I was going to take her to homecoming
  • but now oh heck nah this girl was my everything I even wrote her a letter I stated in that letter
  • that i had a dream she left me i woke up scared to death cause i won't have nothing left if she left me
  • you were my everything yea thought of you all the time but now i just think about all the mental pain you gave me that day
  • man i almost cried that day even in the school man you said i wasn't better off dead well i am better off dead
  • because see let me tell you something my gut knew something bad was gonna happen just didn't know when it was gonna happen!!.


  • I'm murdering you.. I'll split this pussy and rip his cervix in two
  • stretching his lungs so far out they resemble fuckin circus balloons
  • Your surface is doomed, you ain't as mental as me,
  • your dentals will bleed
  • That's why I'll wrap barbed wire around ya head and continue to squeeze
  • Your body will be scorch and released with hardness,
  • corpse isn't seen regardless
  • He'll 'scream once I spray his blood all over the wall' like tortured graffiti artists
  • I'm havin him chopped from the start....
  • slashin limbs, off with his arms
  • put a crank in his fuckin chest...then play jack in the box with his heart

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