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  • i made it
  • 0:11
  • im plot'n plans on da spot like im Doris Payne, we succeed run wit a glock like we stole his brain
  • i made it on my own aint get a nickel from da family tree, i had to make it on my own dats da man i want to be
  • u can look da names up i feel like im Jesse James, dey just talk alot of trash hide'n behind username
  • im tryna stay yelling from all the opportunities that are open wide,im showin love but da people are turnin even the ones on my side
  • doing math count'n numerals like times can provide,i stay on da beat wit my flow even know people try to ruin my vibes
  • people wait'n on me i cant let dem down if dat was da case we a politic,we through em down dropped in da room sit'n wit all of da hostages
  • i got people wait'n before hoping that dey take my place,when i work on da bass to my music its outer space
  • yo i try to be the best i can be and grab as far as i can reach but im the human breed my soul is the demon feed


  • Hey I move like I'm Jack the Ripper
  • Slicing and dicing at the weaklings of the litter
  • I was raised to be the best wasn't born to be a quitter
  • You bitter cause I'm a winner I murder you I'm sinister
  • I told I fucked your bitch while I was fucking your sister
  • Had my dick in her liver
  • Then I heard her whisper
  • "LilLucky ain't shit, he definitely ain't a mister"
  • Now let's consider, should I let you live or should I pull the trigger
  • I drop bodies on bodies like we playing Twister
  • I deliver with finesse, he lost the package go figure
  • You say you a killer but I just ate you for dinner
  • You fail to see the bigger picture, but you still sound like a Baby
  • You want me to shut up, but you still fail to make me
  • I know I haven't been the best rapper lately
  • But that was recent you've been trash since you started and you've been this way daily
  • I rose from the gutter you still stuck in the trash
  • I know I used to be bad, but you still suck like you stuck in the past

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