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  • You wanted smoke well bitch I lit the match
  • I'm inter dimensional like Cumberbatch
  • I gave her wood like I was a lumberjack
  • I'm throwing punches while you stay talking smack
  • You said you wanted smoke well now you got ain't doing take backs
  • I'm pissed off they telling me to relax
  • But I'm on your fucking ass until I fucking collapse
  • You thought you were safe? That's preposterous
  • Never slacking off I go ham on all verses
  • You're nervous that I'ma figure out that your worthless
  • And once I do it'll get murderous better plan your service
  • I struggle to see your purpose
  • Yall think this my best shit but I haven't scratched the surface
  • I'm laughing as you put on a show like you're a circus
  • But I'm burning yall you better jump out the furnace
  • I'm I electrifying, I shock you bitches like surges
  • Yall attack compulsively you couldn't control the urges
  • Then I whoop your fucking ass got you crying for your nurses
  • You thought you'd win this versus
  • Not with those wack ass verses
  • You'd still be penniless even if your bars were for purchase
  • You getting nothing but crumbs, I'm eating rappers in surplus
  • You ain't working magic you barely casting curses
  • I send folks to God, you pray to me like it's churches
  • Yall bitches still chicken even if the beef was in your purses
  • I'm bringing metaphors like a fucking wordsmith
  • You trifling right now so don't expect me to forgive


  • It broke my heart seein' my nigga get hit up with that steel
  • I told him stop bangin before he get older and dont have no life to live
  • My momma told me I'm chosen, I'm startin' to think that she jokin'
  • 50 grand in her pocket for the people who wilding
  • I got an house but no focus
  • my nigga callin the ocean tryina stop all that smokin
  • im happy he manning up brought him an house and a truck
  • Don't have no poston but i'm making this money for rappin and selling
  • i ain't jokin this average
  • my brother got those body last year he didn't have knowledge
  • he wanted to kill but i wasn’t buying it my brother still chasing brain
  • my mommy told him be a man don't be a killer treat people the same
  • i said i'm sorry for the shit i did hopefully i can be your favorite kid
  • all this yelling making me craze nigga playing around they need some ac
  • bought them a watch now they acting all crazy petty boy you know that he
  • hashen
  • Qoundo rondo drop his flag i feel bad for him he just a young man
  • He made the right move on my side of the bed
  • Flip and flop imma lock your ass my gun never on safety im not finna lack
  • Big ass bulled longer then my leg copy writing song i aint finna laugh
  • Nice ass girl she think that she bad
  • Big ass choppa make a fuck nigga lag
  • (Ty got those switch that going make those nigga died)
  • Still getting money all day i aint playin
  • keeping a glock on the left side of my pants
  • chases after girl they trying to play me
  • big ass girl imma drive her crazy
  • your nigga died now you wanna act bacis
  • pretty girl turn her to my baby
  • 223 got that big ass clip my 24 give that nigga kiss to his head
  • no game this real shit out of site out of mind you outto luck
  • nigga play with me they going to have to duck
  • i write a fake cheak just for some bucks

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