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Diss No biased votes from ACE cuz we'll all know nigga.

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Battle on August 17 2022


  • Fag Grenade? Man, fuck your name. You think you best in this rap game?
  • That's just a shame. You ain't got fame. Can't admit that you the one who's lame.
  • Talon King done voted biased. Why can't Ace fucking act compliant?
  • I'm defiant. Like a giant. I squash you niggas who ain't quiet.
  • Bet you find all of your rhymes by looking off of Rhymezone.
  • Mess with me, you'l Rest In Peace cuz I fucked up your spine ho.
  • I'm Medusa when I rap, I turn niggas to limestone.
  • Fuck you and your group of niggas. Bow down before my throne.
  • Your raps ain't take fifteen minutes. This battle represents three digits:
  • 420 cuz I'm smoking you. Rock you so hard that you'll cop a sea sickness.
  • Man, I cannot stand these bitches. My disses go past extreme limits.
  • If people wanna watch the play when I drop these gays, I'm handing free tickets.
  • Bitch I'll win with just one written. You know you fucked, ain't talking young women.
  • Fuck with me and you'll be done shittin' around. Why don't any of you fucks listen?
  • Twisted Things voting for you anyway. But, we all know I'll win any day.
  • Imma send these gays past the MilkyWay. Can't hold me imma heavyweight.
  • I tried doing things in a friendly way. Nigga just take Penny's name.
  • Cuz you all are clowns. And you all have down syndrome. Bitch, I don't feel any pain.
  • Nigga.


  • Skye Ence yall,you ain't heard of me?
  • Yeah, that's a lie, that's absurd to me
  • Get your diss out, you better move with urgency
  • 'Fore I bug out and cause you an emergency
  • You independent rappers better learn from me
  • I got hella major rappers tryna work with me
  • And nowadays your opinions mean dirt to me
  • That's boss talk, I say it with certainty, yeah
  • Y'all better back down
  • When you see me better walk with precaution
  • Ima lay the beat inside of a coffin
  • milker I came to feast on all of you artists
  • Just admit defeat, that would be the smartest
  • You gon' pay the fee, there isn't a bargain
  • Suck my, Lyric chew on and be honest

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