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no bias votes no more than 15 lines must have atleast 3 references about the other person goodluck!!!!!!!1

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Battle on September 5 2022


  • Fag grenade mad bc i threw shade? You and djorn avoiding yall afraid?
  • Lets get this straight you thnk you can beat me just look at your win rate
  • Won 6 battles we need to celebrate tryna slide in professional tryn rape?
  • Having internet sex you use it as a flex? Geting scared by a couple of threats
  • You cant comprehend my raps they are to complex thinking im mad over some text?
  • Looking perplexed (puzzled) you needa take your first step say what you rep in that messed up mindset
  • while im countign that bread filled with lead (gun bullets) gonna kill me over the internet (sending death threats)
  • Im the spade you the club tryna go after a slut we fight ima bring blood tryna battle but you duck
  • Already on your knees minus well go ahead and suck stuck on me like im a drug cant stop sayingmy name
  • You must be going insane feel my raps through your veins ruin you like you florida and im the hurricane
  • You can not contain smoking you like its mary jane (weed)


  • Lemme explain. You’ll only be basic
  • I ain’t no program but I’ll try to speak ur language
  • It’s amazing, cuz you can’t stop the anguish
  • if I wanted your beef
  • I would have opened up a slaughter house
  • you’re drowning without a sound
  • in between fame and hatred you’ve made a home
  • but you ain’t going nowhere between a rock and stone
  • you think because you got a fan base then can bully me
  • but there is nothing on your raps to ever sully me
  • simplest name calling “you’re like lime disease”
  • cuz you’re too Immature and so you’re screaming “DEEZ-“
  • stop. you’re not even half of my talent and I’m an eagle with talons
  • the tears you pour are likes gallons you’re just a joke jimmy Fallon
  • wouldn’t dare air it cowing around like you’re worth it

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