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This battle ended in a tie.


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  • you can't be talking boy go suck a dick i pull more hoe
  • than you ever get
  • keep talking shit get hit with that blick
  • i got you bitch and she's all over it
  • james brown called and he wanted his bars back
  • first of al lil nigga l you need to fall back
  • i might be your daddy cause
  • i fuck your mama and she like it
  • stop dick ride oh i forgot you can't
  • talk about can't spell you need a tutor
  • to help you read i got
  • bars like lil baby
  • and boy you got bars lil keed
  • i can take your hoe in a heart
  • beat yeah nigga want you want do
  • you start rapping when you nine
  • boy i been doing this not new


  • Why the fuck does this passionate gay keep rapping this way?
  • All this “dick” coming out your mouth like you stored them in your face for a rainy day
  • You’re the most cancerous kind of tumor, I’m enamored by this loser
  • First mumble text rapper I’ve seen since future used a computer,
  • This is an easy win, because you’ll never be relevant
  • You’re a small turd, I’m an elephant,
  • And once I step on this little shit, that’s 10,000 pounds of heavyness
  • Pushing this pile of crap into the sediment,
  • Rhymes you could never spit, so pick a better profession
  • You’re better off being a priest, so you could fuck boys in confession
  • You have no Will, but I am a legend
  • And you remind of that movie, cuz you have no one to be friends with
  • Fuck what you wrote, this clown will get a gun to his throat
  • Because this ass can’t be serious when he’s the butt of a joke

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