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  • These opps on the move so I gotta stay ready
  • Drop my album soon like I’m swinging a machete
  • Something like I’m Jason in your dreams call me Freddy
  • All these chains on me got a nigga feeling heavy
  • Some claim they spit fire but I ain’t even sweating
  • These diamonds on me like I received the message
  • I took the situation in my own hands I was reckless
  • But I know too many still waiting on a blessing
  • To the cops on patrol I don’t answer any questions
  • Good luck to you finding fingerprints on my stainless
  • I’m from the 209 where shit can get dangerous
  • Not just entertaining but I’m closing y’all curtains
  • Haters try to block me but it ain’t working
  • Ima mix the beat until every line is perfect
  • Take over the scene once I break through the surface
  • And everything I do bitch I do it on purpose
  • gone


  • Gunplay: if you claimin you "Hold-em" I'll do the same and "Draw too"
  • ..& after I "Fold"-him I'll prove that flowin ain't ya "Strong suit"
  • ..Get the river reference? its still september..
  • You still is gettin swimmin lessons in an intersection
  • with stop-n-go karate-pro chops-n-blows till ya inner sections lookin like sloppy-joe dinner seconds!
  • & that oddly-shows my spit's the freshest
  • coz to "Brush up against these caps" was a "Reach from the start" like beginner stretches!
  • So I'm sayin this "Cat's trash" .. Ya "Delivery is shit" you.. Get the litter reference?
  • Oh? You grippin the smith n wesson?
  • The "Worlds best" at "Arm& hammers?" if I ate what you tossed in that box, it'd be piss infested shit for breakfast!
  • I said "Bitch, you get this litter reference?!" your whole stint's pathetic,
  • a buncha corny jokes & gun bars - that are more "Sub par" than fill-ins for the morning show that russ starts.
  • This wouldn't "Amountin-riding" if you only "Spoke" in sunn tzars
  • ..Emptying your "Head cavity" but don't think a "Crown" is likely
  • ..Fuckin shrouded blind geeks think you got the clout to spite me
  • when the same kids don't know about the amount you bite me!
  • slightly & removed crowded rhyme schemes to resemble the way a rounded mind thinks.

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