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Show multi syllable rhymes and no diss or bias votes. If you his homie don’t feel like you have to vote because we all know it will show.

Max of 25 lines


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  • I'm sittin' on my evil lair.
  • Please don't stare, I'm a demon slayer.
  • Life's opened doors but the keys aren't there.
  • My like don't make sense just like bees on chairs.
  • Clowned in school, my glasses smashed.
  • I pass as black, so I whacked them flat.
  • Got bullied for thinking that Dax is trash.
  • But Kazz is cracked so that is that.
  • I practice rap till my racks is stacked.
  • It's funny how Concept has effect.
  • No one has writtens that intense.
  • Rap's a magic staff, this a mass attack.
  • I'm the only one that's allowed to be me.
  • I mixed flour and bleach, there's a crowd in the street.
  • Now you're dead, funeral took an hour to preach.
  • And the flowers deceased, ain't got power to speak.
  • Someday I will spend a Mill. on a beat,
  • Ain't nobody gonna be realer than me.
  • Everybody gon' be killed on the streets.
  • I'm as real as can be. Now I'm spillin' the beans.
  • Nigga.


  • concept
  • you a bitch why you commin with a diss
  • everytime you try to fight me youll always miss
  • im gonna make this a promise
  • you fuck with me ima just bomb this
  • puto ass wannabe
  • cant stand the stunts he sees
  • he aint even know me so how can he show me shit
  • this puto is a cunt hes just a bitch
  • damn that joker pic hes a fuckin psycho
  • the pic i chose is cuz ill kill no lie tho
  • oh and puto means male whore
  • you wanna hate go through the door
  • you aint a og i be hangin with'em
  • man i dont gotta battle i could just kill him
  • its off bitch write a real diss no blindness
  • im just rich all bliss and some kindness

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