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You can't insult/curse and copy raps from other webs You can have rhythms in phrases of the rap And beats

Max of 31 lines


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  • (Ya) Dark days and the nights, Forcing up my strength,
  • everyday spending all my sadness,
  • Folds with Golds, will's money all to spend it on my massacres,
  • (no) The girls Massacre, Got no legs to walk,
  • not even a flex, only with bless, Without my own complex, Gon' to wreck it, goin' to heck,
  • Being upset, I was Dreaming in your bed
  • (The girls massacre, and death, No massacre, Massage my hair) And a massacre in the
  • Thunder, Dont kill me, Feeling better, Seeing the lights, no massacre,
  • (Tiger's Power) My Masked Self, (off alarm) Get scared, Pull it now,
  • Cry and suck away my emotions, break the windows, gonna trick,
  • get my prick done before the Girls Massacre , Punch away the B's in the boys,
  • G's In the girls, Intoxication Alert, (Tiger Massacre Power Baby),
  • Escape before it's too late, (I have my timing ready) Flying in hell, Through in heck,
  • Getting hold by my Crush, i can feel it, Don't make me your ex, i'mma cry, Call to die,
  • Between the Girls Massacre, No massacre, Cry and suck away my feelings
  • (With Emotions) 180 View , look at my eyes, what do you feel, Cry with me,
  • it's not that hard, you will go to get (Tiger's power with me ) oh my god,
  • Escape before it's too late, i have my mind so ready! Get me! Massacre,
  • Girl's massacre, Looking at the clouds, Wondering, of love or massacre,
  • thinking of love (ya hey!)


  • (actually happened)
  • I leave the stupid murdered , ur mom knew u was a dumb fuck the moment they induced her cervix
  • ur best to choose a hearst bitch.. thinking hes scary with the blind, next minute sending me DMs on how to improve his verses?!!!?
  • I'm bout to stab this fuck with a sword, punching this whore with more "cold lines" than doing "drugs in the morgue"..

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