Battles  henben7 vs DaDDiO


Good luck lol

Max of 21 lines


henben7 won this battle!


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  • Don't worry, i'll keep the rap quick
  • I know this will be a fast win
  • Go to the bank then i cash in
  • They all like how's he making it happen
  • Cause i'm not faking the rapping
  • I don't need a beat to leave him deceased
  • In his casket
  • Your girl like "plant your seed in me"
  • I water the chick, that's my daughter in your bitch
  • I keep everything a buck oh
  • Think you're better than me? fuck no
  • Don't come up by me i keep my guns close
  • So don't even try to run bro
  • Pussy talking like he stays in streets
  • Knows well not to play with me
  • I got the drake with me
  • Eyes are where i aim between
  • Says he came for me
  • Really ain't no danger, see
  • Flows cut deep, no razor blade slice
  • No bitch in me, even though i got major pain inside


  • using your scheme
  • Your notepad's sick? Nah, your flow's wack shit..
  • you grope gonads and throat mad dick like that Brokeback flick
  • It's over, he quits it.. in battles I "spin circles" like rotary digits he becomes a shadow like solar eclipses
  • I talk the violence.. this is a battle, not rocket science..
  • I'll hit you with a fist enclosed in a hand I could palm the sky in
  • I'll make your entire crew flinch with a minor tooth twitch..
  • and have them balling their skirts and "pause/paws in the dirt" like a lion's shoeprint

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