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Diss me,,,,, A drill dis

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  • Nigga Fuckin with who
  • Why one bitch when u can have two
  • Hoe ass niggas know da game but they aint trynna play
  • Fuckin him over every other day let that AK 47 spray
  • 100 shots at u and yo nigga.. Got killers on Payroll
  • itching to pull that trigga nigga u can hate cause my bankroll bigga
  • y should i be mad.. the realist on this app droppin shit real lyricist
  • rappin shit not hip hop shit
  • Drill SHit mr disrespectful shit
  • Trynna burie me alive but aint gone happen shots fired
  • shit started to be clappin
  • he goin up like an elevator ... Fuck a Laugh Out Load when im
  • High off weed right now... Fuck a bodybagg bitch u on a toetag in a freezer
  • If she said greezy fucked her u better believe her I got money
  • i got power I got respect Fuckin with da gang Krate Chop yoshit
  • with this Tec Fuck yo hoe she a wreck (bllrd)
  • Ima tapp outta this shit before I be a wreck
  • "greezy y u change da flow" These niggas wack ass gotta goo
  • when I say yess then yess when i say No than No hoe
  • Fuck these niggas who steal my flow
  • they cant do it better
  • these niggas aint from da struggles I had to Sneak a bretta at school
  • because that made me better Nigga Speakin Non Sense Yeah Whatever
  • Ima real street nigga and Im clever HAHAHA
  • (FUCK u and Yo family Yo generation at that..) MR.Disrespectful HAHA
  • Niggas thought i was done... but i just do this for fun..
  • ill drop with or with out my gun (nigga)
  • (all u wack ass hoes and all u goofy ass niggas)


  • Lord greezy, ill slap the porkgrinds of your neck,
  • Really easy, you eye bags, you cant lift, but your weight
  • Just keeps increasing, youll be seen unhealty , so ill tell the
  • Doctor to have me checked off as too wealthy
  • If you fall and cant get up, roll loud screaming out help me
  • My life safe w state farm you came far, Burning up calories, you'll pic
  • Out a crop, broth it down now it got you fit in your gallery,
  • Ima copp crowns taking beef, then ill make it bacon,
  • Or if your acting rash, ill pull skin off an itch
  • Like your allergies breaking - kingGreezy,
  • Cause i pig for beef, you made Burger KingGreasy

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