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  • Suck my white dick fuck that ass for hours when im off a vic script,
  • On the devils shoulders tryna make his mind switch,
  • Tried to sell my soul but they told me it was priceless,
  • I might switch bring the terror like I’m isis,
  • Living in a crisis tryna search out where my christ is,
  • It’s hard dealing with my life kid,
  • Some how I’m living yet I’m lifeless,
  • I’m the only person that I fight with,
  • Get in your in your head like lice bitch,
  • Better believe I beat emcees go and grab the ice quick,
  • If you tried to read my bars it would cause you blindness,
  • This worlds a snake pit all you people spineless,
  • Evil yet I’m righteous feel like I’m a virus,
  • Look inside my iris viewing all my past lives,
  • I’m a lonely acolyte,
  • causing diaspora every single time I gotta write,


  • Yeah yo
  • I thought I made perfect match but it seems I didn’t
  • And I ain't spend a minute up in the streets
  • And she throws up whatever she eats
  • Know what they mean, everything ain't what it seems
  • Don't nobody move when we walk tha streets
  • Because I'm seventeen, compose my own beats
  • In private, not public in the streets
  • Regular girl, Celebrity dreams
  • But you ain't never pleased, maybe you should leave
  • Cause I disregard the white dress and the perm weave
  • That'll do anything that I please
  • Right flows down and they might go nice.
  • Yeah
  • I though I was nice but now I look back and i massed up
  • I shouldn’t done nothing stupid because she was the
  • Perfect girl I should’ve captured.
  • And I can get em all without lots of effort
  • Uh, and how I wish I would've met you first
  • I'm a new soul, I came to this strange world
  • But you rejected me.
  • Dam what did I do.

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