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This is a message to Twistedthingz im new on here so i can't text

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  • Honestly im new to this and i met professional shes gorgeous
  • There's a rumor going around your dating i know what she looks
  • Like wanna know?
  • She's lightskin
  • She's tall
  • Shes 15
  • And shes kinda a legit rapper


  • I was told to make it to turn
  • my pronouns to a he so I wasn't left being a nobody.
  • See people think life revolves around men but
  • what if I said it revolved around me?
  • I admit growing up I liked Em and Dre. no female rappers
  • were on my list because they all rapped about the same things
  • I accept everyone is the same.
  • Growing up I was taught to hate myself, degrade myself and
  • if I'm lucky get greedy like Trump and overpay myself
  • but myself don't need that much help.
  • Yo, growing up girls bullied me we never really
  • got along and woman made me sick which brings me
  • to this song. I now know men and woman are equal
  • without equal rights kinda like Blacks working just as
  • hard as whites (This ain't alright)
  • Told me I'd have to change my gender to make it,
  • deny myself since birth and then proclaim it.
  • No man want a woman who look like them,
  • I gotta bring hell and mayhem again, and again.
  • If you control the narrative you control the person
  • and our narritive shows that we ain't worth it, go to
  • sleep worthless they don't know how bad it be hurtin'
  • at the end of the day when I close the curtain out of my
  • mom and dad Mama got her business workin'
  • I don't have to be a man at the end of the day we all ate the apple
  • and the devil still leadin' kids a stray.

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