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  • U look like a geek! Ull look over me
  • Im throwing you overseas..., hope you can go for weeks, swimming until patrol police confirm ur release.....
  • ur heads will be spanked uncontrollably, at the scene ill make you visual my needs, ull seize when ur feneral hits you before me....!
  • i need to drop u like a baby, n sock u up so will begin to obey me!
  • cuz ull see ill weaken you with me, no one murdering the the beacon on me, that's kept me on my feet! But lately the hyp elevates to take it from me, ill book a trill, thatll hook u still..... ...ull hope u that catch some wheels, n get the fuck outta my realms! U fucking 12??? Like for real!?
  • Yall wanna be a rapper but you stall when you start on your chapter.. , ill bather u up, into a song thatll hark n capture my art,, like imma Anchor yah car , so you jump out... u still dont get far .......
  • just gotta think harder just prove manners before we gather scars, like we are planners with manners, ull never want our arches
  • past whatever chapter u got departured! start the battle to win faster, not mention a ull quit like a plasture, cuz ill be the ambassador coming to kill yah with just water,
  • Make u suffer! Show ur real colors! One drop to another all summer!!
  • so ull remember me pastor!! when this guy prays to u after, so stop before you get me TO SPLATTER you head with profit, where it matters, ur head lost n not fit, I have to stomp yo fathers head, gone off quick,
  • hes wrong to had made u, ur mom was a lightweight so she baked you but now im.sure shes real we grow hate n spit to out number, you clits but ill shout and lumber will still fall rougher, hope u dont regret sunburn from my timber....
  • sit before i slit, ur thick pricks clits opened till u quit shitting n start licking yo own shit, cuz ill contol ur dome like a switch... n now ull start to bitch!! You got friends that are invisible... like hes unbridgeable, so this double, he wont save you, n ill bring u some trouble, make u bleed with words, as u start to stumble n start to mumble, fpr a curse
  • But ur words struggle to up n merg.... why ur humble until we verse.... then u stumble in the comments like a lever u should of used ..... family then come crying their real hurt, "heal him hes dying hes my frist birth!!! - ur dad"
  • This can be so absurd!! U see
  • Hell screamed when u gone to satans meets, with dead elites... u put my name in your songs for seeds!!! Now u get to leave, my knives will keep u busy healing so heavily, with me to never be falling asleep, after weeks has gone, n ur jaws is gone, .... ill just dump a bunch of junk on u, like truck on an angle going all on u, ill bite ur apples gone despite now the camel toe is something u already own,!!!!
  • Gk-trill already taking the road to get u off the throne of whatever u think u own.... man just keep working home and supporting ur families so stop keeping jerking in our pantries, before i take my macheti n make u really hate me!!!
  • I can grill till my pen empties,
  • ull stand still in yo den get emptied, no life for real, see your friends end it end here n start leave you, fear they be booing you, cuz i might be looting you,... one by one following the fleet... cuz its russian roullette, ill be the stumbing u clean, like hiroshima seize in the dead, when the bomb hit their ceilings and fans ,and silhouette are stuck in past tense.... chilling on the side of ribbons, making sense of whats given....
  • when my mind hits u gently, .. i still get lyrically steady, i wont need surgically team to strip you ready when my knife makes u dept free..., cuts u greatly,
  • pimp think he sowes ink, him ill think ill hold his links,
  • shit stinks, ready for the bin, why you keep whinning n keep trying rhyming, get off our minds and fuck off going back like a rewind, all the way from them enzyms unties, ill be the revivalist, that'l hit you with no survival guilt, after my fire hissed, n then i just took a piss on your shit,
  • What will u do when ur entire shit list just skrinks outta our trick bin, ur ash now pimp!, , will you, start to get a private leased in, so u can get some unreal wins,
  • Do you wanna play russian roulette!!
  • So ur mama could see your death form the bullets thats left.... ill be the bully that will spell fully when ur face is dense from the boos hense why theyll choose my session!!! Over your annoying impressions....


  • Wait, strain how this happen? Didnt mean to diss you, but now we rappin
  • This a whole pneumonia! Talkin bout cummin in mouths with EmGee, yet you wanna be a emcee? Bitch please
  • Let see how ya prosper, keep smokin like a rasta, send you back to the ER with the smoke from the flames of my pen
  • Dont Lose Yourself this is not a nic goddamnit!
  • Hit it once more and your condemned
  • You hidin it from your daughter? ''Dont tell mom what im doing'' picking at the same strain like father
  • How many jobs you working? Lurking in the bathroom writin raps on ya Old Mobile
  • Yeah you can see me givin ya the cold shoulder
  • Got balls like a boulder, I see you looking down and im down to show ya
  • Ima just need your wad of cash
  • I made you startle? You getting flashbacks from dickriding so much, and its not even your own dad!
  • Back to back losses now. What made you think this was a easy plow?
  • Sent me a challenge for what? Sike dont talk, TIMES OVER BLAOW
  • Snap ya head back cause my words a headtrip. You got me more confused than some bad acid, why would I wanna hear this ass poetry?
  • Time to head back home, youre boo'd off Do I got this shit Twisted? I know you mad they boo'd up
  • All 3 of yall lubed up! friends with minors, how the fuck yall grouped up?
  • AssyriaTwisted gf how you lettin them grope ya? Just spit the random shit you think is so tough
  • Im doing yall so rough, good luck with your threesome.
  • I know how you need it, them one inch peckers aint doing what its supposed ta
  • Now you cant boast huh? Im so entertained, this is so fun!
  • But im not done, My Machine Gun scoping you down, GO RUN
  • And I never graze, 100 marks on ya showin how im placin my shots
  • To all you bots, who can go kick rocks, but not me cause my balls on your face
  • You in last place, this the last battle strain, he deleted this app with no trace on his phone
  • You could hear the clanging of these bars from miles away, reverberating through his home
  • Cause im getting so personal its like im in person, im never gonna leave you alone
  • And its shown, you like lyricist? Im right infront of ya, come witness this
  • So cold yet im relentless with it, Top battle in the section, im making the spot hot
  • Im The Monster and got my Chrome pointed up, This the mf KillShot

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