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a song you wrote outta boredom also has to be bout u

Max of 26 lines


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  • woah
  • slow down
  • ill carry that crown
  • cuz all it'll do is
  • weigh.
  • you.
  • down!
  • I'm gettin in my head
  • gettin fed up
  • can't handle this shit no more
  • Ima bout to shut that fuckin door
  • Cuz I'm gettin really tired
  • think my mind has expired
  • I think I need re-wired
  • i cant tell reality
  • fantasy or mentality?!
  • im done with life
  • wish i had a knife
  • in this fight
  • it aint over
  • tho i been sober
  • can tell
  • no disclosure
  • fuckin poser


  • Y’all can’t fucking do it like me, Louis, Prada, and some Gucci.
  • Blinged out, I’m shiny from head to toe, I’m the boss so you do as you’re told.
  • I smile but it’s just one of my perfect features, I’m equipped with more assets,
  • Than you filthy creatures.
  • I can stand to be bothered with you’re nasty common leeching, and y’all act like y’all get along,
  • Pastor please stop acting with the preaching.
  • Like bitch who are you? We do me, we don’t do you.
  • I come first, your just apart of who’s the bitch? What’s her name? You disappear like we,
  • Playing a game of guess who.
  • I do what I want, you report to me, I don’t report to you.
  • Salute your master, moneys what I’m after, You monkeys play too much,
  • Turn to hyenas with the laughter.
  • Lion king, I can’t wait to be queen I’m the princess young teen and I work for what I dream.
  • I’m out here bossing at the age of thirteen? And you niggas telling me you can’t come up with anything?
  • Haha! You bitches make me laugh, bully me but rest assure ima get the last laugh.
  • I’m working for life’s golden pass while you struggling strippers,
  • Juggle paying bills, sleeping around, and shaking your ass.
  • Like said before y’all can’t do it like me, back down, bow down to me.
  • I have the crown I call the shots I’m V.I.P.
  • I’m the boss so best respect me

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