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  • Yeo
  • Let me know how you gon call yourself the goat, just to be arguing wit a 14 year old and her mans
  • And dont forget her FRIEND Strainedofdamned. How you think that CIRCUMSTANCE looks? She mustve got you in a trance, start livin by the book
  • Listen up cause I got a plan, I got a machete in each of my HANDS
  • And they coming for you, WOUNDS THROUGH ya PANTS, i was fool to leave one but rent is overdue
  • Now hes a Maverick
  • Uneven ground, Dont challenge me to show your quick whit, get ya disc split every time you TALK ISH
  • Dont explain it now, we get it. The thrill Trill gets when he sees Guys Kiss
  • I just took the PISS out ya name. Heard that? Now make fun of me for being from the UK
  • No this not a PLAY, But I STRINGED this together with my FIVE FINGERS
  • Just to be answered back with the WORSE VERSE that ive WITNESSED FIRST hand, besides the ones that took PLACE a few DAYS ago!
  • His breath lingers, like a pondering thot who hasnt been brought down in a while
  • Starting to not give singular fuck now, ya lips brown, lay off the weed for a FEW ROUNDS of a fortnite
  • ''Dorn challenged the OG Trill?? What is THIS!'' Yeah I did, Could hardly give a shit. So now he reachin for me with a Arsonist head, buttface


  • //No introduction needed
  • Your about to cross my path, but don't know that my spit is venomous
  • So I figure in about ten minutes, your up next to be crossed of the census
  • Not to mention Just them two bars done crossed off half of your senses
  • Now your a blind witness to my ascension, I'll take your life with these life sentences
  • I got a cross held up to the wickedness, I'll body you like the Wicker Man on some Nick Cage shit
  • If we was on stage bitch, ill walk over and your temple will get two of my fingerprints
  • Now who is this Random NPC, rapping like a Diet Version of me?
  • Fuck your story, I'll put your autobiography into the history section..
  • You will get Shot more than once at a time, these are bullets, no vaccine injections
  • Your on my dick so you know I got big nuts, and I'll take on any challenge like Joey Chestnut
  • Then I'll Take your girl and place my nuts on her, chest then butt
  • Tattoo over her breast that says "Trills Slut", my bullets will fill ya guts have you looking like a shirtless Elon Musk
  • The God King steppin and crushing this peon into dust, making you provide your family with a will and trust
  • Your sick but not Ill enough, it's just yellow fever, highlighting skills that suck
  • Trying to change the facts like Wikipedia, I'll send you in a pack to Wiz Khalifa
  • These hacks trying to get famous like TILA Tequila, My flow is like Hurricane Katrina
  • After this your families gonna be looking for help from FEMA, I'll send shells through your door like you ordered them from Amazon
  • The God on the back of a camel with sandals on, sent here to send the weakest human samples home
  • Maverick, Trill and The Puppet have ample clones, but this one's failing the Turing Test
  • The doctors gonna have to do more, than urge rest, maybe a surge proof vest
  • I know most of yall feel your diss went harder, than this dude on the left, who ran into the last trill on the left
  • Idiot My pen was merged with alien infused tech, now there's only one left, this cum breath didn't know this was a duel to the death
  • I shouldn't have even paid you no attention, now we are all paying our respects
  • Now you forever rest next to maggots and slugs, with the gravestone reading "Here lies a has been, that never was"

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