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Your prompt is a rap that has something to do with mental or emotional struggle. Good luck!

Max of 41 lines


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  • Every day I been waking up feeling half dead.
  • Waking up every day in someone else's bed.
  • My friends tellin' me I got problems, but I choose to ignore it.
  • But I'm failing my classes and I ain't got money in my wallet.
  • Feeling constantly hungry, but I don't want no food
  • I'm not starving myself I swear, I'm just not in the mood.
  • Black bags under my eyes and my hair is a mess
  • I don't want to admit it, but I'm crackin' under the stress.
  • Feelin' detached from this world, and I'm startin' to believe
  • That I'm really done livin' , and I'm ready to leave.
  • I've never had the greatest life, and it's been a shitty year.
  • But if I have to live, I'm at least glad you're here.
  • I owe it to you that I've made it this far.
  • Choosing to love me despite all my scars.
  • You taught me that I deserve to find happiness
  • And stuck with me, when I'm real depressed.
  • I never been good at tellin' how I feel,
  • But I want you to know my love for you is real.
  • So,
  • Yeah, I'm a wreck, and
  • Yeah, I'm a mess,
  • But I'm the happiest wreck and a mess in the world.


  • These days I stare into the mirror and it starts to crack
  • I awake to find myself in a bed of shards of glass
  • Each one presents a memory from a forgotten past
  • A single smile taunts the tear-soaked face I can hardly mask
  • It’s a haunted man chained to a delusion and a dream
  • A perfect life where I work tonight, my stupid little scream
  • But when I need to get some rest then the movie skips a scene
  • Am I normal yet? Does my every movement fit the screen?
  • Picture ya self just sittin alone, a far distance from home
  • As blood drips from the bone, beginnin to soak into ya phone
  • Wantin to snap like infinity stones, you got six in a row
  • But just can’t climb the last mountain or even give it a go
  • Like a rapper who can never seem to switch up the flow
  • Like a trapper whose whole body just goes stiff in the snow
  • My mind is the set of the world’s greatest mystery show
  • Shot by all my own secrets that I wish I could know

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