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Emotional/Inspirational battle. Make an emotional or inspirational rap

Max of 20 lines


JuicyJobaJaba won this battle!


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  • I let emotions fly like mourning doves so my brain isn’t weighed down with mourning above
  • And shove my way past defensive stances to fit in like a glove, I’m like Kevin the way I show others love
  • I’m tired of failing to find ways to express myself, like soap, the words slip out leaving tiny bits of suds
  • All I was able to do was worry about what other’s taste’s would be toward me and if they were really my buds
  • On my knees in pain, my spinal cord couldn’t take the strain
  • But with time I separated hard-hitting words from my conscience so like liquid, I could flow again
  • There’ll be no more judging me, the jury’s verdict is abstained
  • The ones who do are those with spaghetti instead of spines, they can’t hold a conversation straight
  • I’m ar”raining” a new attitude so it can pour upon others and flow through their insides
  • Healing weathered souls with Vitamin C to make tides rise to bona fide
  • You can tear through my skin, but be well aware I never hide
  • So if you think you’re sly you’ll be gettin’ baked like a pie in a supermarket, by that I mean fried
  • My temple is restricted, all the lies that lie behind the door are sealed off with flex tape
  • It’s time to make like Captain Hilts when faced with opposition and make a great escape
  • Off to the coast where the cod swim, like Batman I’ll be looking out triumphantly wearing a cape
  • I might be viewed as a square for carrying out my own endeavors, but why would I want to live around a circle and beat myself out of shape?
  • The game's a hex that'll leave ya gone if it thinks your taste is wrong, it'll criticize you from all sides, from tri-angles
  • So I deck em' and leave so I'm gone first and leave em' lookin' worn-out and mangled
  • Obscure and scalene is what I am, I'm deeming myself a new creation
  • Training myself to chug on and try new styles, like a student visiting every station


  • Start up from the ground. Rise on up.
  • Never give up. Strength isn't always enough.
  • A story to tell, no one to hear.
  • Once someone listens, they dead already. Shaken from fear.
  • Hear bones clatter so they don't come near.
  • Exit the dark. Enter the light.
  • For whatever you believe in, no matter what, just fight.
  • I'm writing this on a personal level. Despite my feuds, I'm still trouble.
  • Beef with me, I'm finally creating history.
  • Welcome to 8 Mile. Time to meet B. (Rabbit)
  • Inspirational or not, a small step can be a big difference.
  • Keep going, don't quit. Do your best to become independent.
  • That's all I gotta say for this.
  • Good luck "JuicyJobaJaba". You might just win.
  • I finally tried something I don't usually do. Being inspirational.
  • Even if I'm not, I still got my beautiful girl, "Professional".

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