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i'm jus' here to battle, bruv

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  • gotta expand my wallet, gonna slit a gullet
  • assassin gonna slay dat pussy, leavin it wet n juicy
  • assertions in a ski mask, hella souljas runnin tasks
  • risk it all, diamonds, gold n ball
  • click- click — clatta
  • no furtha word of da matta, it's truth dat our lives be ready to shatta
  • no joke, it's what i see in da dark
  • ridin thru storms, riots n loss, guess da whole world been in shock
  • not tryna ridicule, not tryna mock
  • not tryna shepherd, no lions in a flock
  • ridiculous people wit no class or itinerary
  • been laughin in void, cackles in da void
  • someone maybe has heart wit a scar, whateva, bruv
  • all internet, all love
  • ak brought da dough, beats on my ears
  • easy to make show, appeal to my betta instincts, bro
  • to n fro, i got dat flow
  • kill a fly become da lord, rap king got a rapidly growin seminary
  • done wit dat black n white binary, flagrant transgressions to reject a secretary
  • mask da insult, grill it into my skull
  • beard so flagrant, i choose to let it grow
  • might need a trim to keep it all in tow, been like moby dick in da oceans below
  • pull up a giant squid, preserve n measure dat shit
  • cuban link thirty-three g's, how many bodies keep ridin on me
  • casual hookups, stickin to all da pleasantries
  • miss me wit all dat egocentrism, i'm callin for all dese playas to get dey inta'ventions
  • significant mentions, good credits n fat cash, all in stacks, all fifty n hunnid backs
  • pro silva'back, demon days, gotta get gorillaz on da track
  • love to da world
  • waitin for my flight
  • been a moment
  • been awake all night
  • grill gonna get a wash
  • money in my pocket
  • lil bong at my side
  • it's long road ahead
  • i ain' neva gonna hide
  • gangsta appeal
  • tru bonafide


  • I don't set out to spite.
  • I don't even try.
  • Im dennis the mennace
  • and venom combined
  • with Freddy, Ramirez
  • and maybe tech nine
  • so lend us your senses
  • the offence is advised,
  • I pensive while pressing
  • this pen and this mic
  • I'm better than any that's stepped
  • and I might just show it tonight
  • I'm envy and frighted.
  • I'm sick of these six
  • medications, but I see
  • intensive invasions
  • by alien spaceships
  • whenever I'm not on
  • mirtazapine highs
  • I'm red in the eyes.
  • This fables devised.
  • I tenant a one-bedroom
  • cess-pit to sesh in
  • arrested development.
  • Can't afford rent in it
  • couldn't move back to the sticks
  • and it's evident
  • The centre divide in lifes always high.

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