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An story true or untrue (recommend true) just hits different

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  • starts on 29
  • Ayy (greezy
  • I aint gone sit here pretend like i grew up in da struggles, but at
  • 7 years old i was tryna make paper while these niggas jumping in puddles
  • Ima veteran to da rap game.. Livin a life with hall of fame
  • while u in hall of shame.... Fell off in 2013 i aint had nobody to blame
  • These niggas dissin Sayin "No Remains" yeah I know all about that
  • lifes though especially when u black
  • AInt never had a daddy I heard he was a drug dealer niggas on the streets
  • thats turning them into a killer
  • They dont wanna see me make it They mad because the amount of money
  • Im makin, Ion like disrespecting girls but they just hoes, my homie girl
  • walkin outta a stranger doore, givin head to a nigga she dont know
  • confront her about it actin like im slow. went to jail the other day for
  • some shit i aint do look at my raps "Crazy Story Part2" niggas think i cap
  • but that shit was true but some shit was dramatic remember getting
  • kicked out da house living in my homie mom's attic. i turned to my father
  • at the age of 15, sellin drugs and weed I got shot before Not lieing
  • Homie died a year ago Seen his mama crying, she aint wanna see
  • me die i was like he other son, In the streets aint no fun
  • Just got me a son single father comin home with a bagg but back in the
  • day u come home with a bagg u had to put a nigga on a toe tagg
  • nigga used to bully me and think he cool cause he a stoner
  • now he in jail while his bitch gettin passed around like a blunt
  • now he a loner aint wanna be on this earth but i had to do this for my
  • family and my son.. Im example for the struggles..
  • Lord forgive my sin now im better now...I was young then and reckless
  • On the block I was raised by the worst So much pain the shit made me hurt
  • Came a long way from slangin that work
  • And I'LLStill put a niggahs face on the shirt
  • Young niggah came from the dirt
  • Young niggah I was blessed to be the best and be in charge
  • I could've been dead but instead I went harder
  • (I could've been dead but instead I went harder)


  • Check one, check two, check one, check two
  • And I'm gonna start singing right now
  • Feelin' kinda nervous, startin' things
  • Not really like me
  • Got a boyfriend, says he likes me
  • Guess I like him, but it's funny
  • 'Cause I'm not big on relationships
  • I'm more down for the flirt
  • All my friends say it's a problem
  • Nah, I'd just rather not get hurt
  • 'Cause I can't take my feelings and
  • I can't trust my heart
  • So I never take my chances
  • 'Cause I know I'll break apart
  • Buh-duh-duh-duh, buh-duh-duh
  • I hate the mushy shit, and
  • Buh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh
  • I tell it how it is, and
  • Boom, buh-duh-duh, duh-duh
  • I wish that I was kiddin'
  • But I'm not good at listening
  • So I don't want someone missin' me

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