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  • Im pulling up with choppers, like I work for Harley Davidson
  • Please Don't approach playing, boy, murder is my favorite sin.
  • Trapping like a bear hunter, never been scared of thunder
  • Hearts like a frozen tundra, my pen will expose a Busta
  • It's a cold summer, so you know I gotta keep the heat
  • I can get real lyrical, but I like to keep the shit street
  • These geeks be more of a detriment to rap than Keefe D
  • There smoke is so damn weak, it's like rolling keef in a leaf
  • If you wanna get on my level, Betta get into a shuttle
  • I'm stepping on these niggas, like a fuckin gas pedal
  • I'm Stepping on these niggas, like the back of a shovel
  • When I'm in them battles, I'm handing out purple medals
  • Your ass better get out here, before it's get dark
  • Like a dog pissing in the park, I already left my mark
  • Them bitches dissing, done realized that wasn't, so smart
  • I'm The God King, the commissioner of Noah's Ark
  • Bars got Real meaning, no dictionary just throwing darts
  • I do surgery on this pen, with an black open heart
  • You nerds can't rap, without using some type of flow chart
  • My lines way ahead like A-Train racing a Go-Kart
  • Like Ozymandias, selling Oxy's with Atlantiens
  • My flow can make a canyon, picture trill loading a cannon
  • I done made more sons on rappad, than Nick Cannon
  • I really just got done, memorizing the last dragon
  • But Anytime I hit a motherfucka, I'm not acting
  • Forever pistol packing, gotta keep a quick reaction
  • Keep my finger on the trigga, forever about that action
  • If we talking mathematics, then all my opps are fractions
  • They always be below me like a Instagram caption
  • Everytime I ADD a rap, somebody's getting subtracted
  • All these Divided bodies, made me multiply the caskets
  • No matter how I solve problems, it amounts to tragic
  • There's is no equal, them boys are all MC's squared
  • I can pass any test, I don't even have to be prepared
  • Never leaving scared, what your seeing is rare
  • Like a fish breathing air, or a breeding polar bear
  • Coming through your electronics like a solar flare


  • Days of Noah? Y'all forgot the "ancient code"?
  • Jesus the cornerstone, Satanic perpetrators rejected, occult operatives,
  • God equation, meaning he is Love and truth,
  • Somebody don't want knowledge, so they dumb the youth,
  • Rhymes are "rite" for them, when the words cast magic,
  • Combative mindsets they blast static,
  • Electrical equivalence to your dissociative loss of time,
  • You smoked cannabis like a bitch, then rap about them who shot up like columbine,
  • Depressed and manic, so you burst the static in traffic,
  • Tricknology infected the minds of men,
  • You open the "third eye" but to the righteous, you essentially blind to them,
  • Im hotter than magma, when I blast these that cap knees,
  • Elijah like a lyrical explosion, rhymes run past like a gun blast,
  • Two shots for the cool god, prick your skin like a thumb tack!
  • My Job be to pollute minds with truth, the opposite of a bitter smog,
  • Mentality of private investigatory, turn your kid to a cop,
  • Suckas getting hacked like computers,
  • These end days you might die in more than ten ways,
  • Might get turned to stone like them fools in Pompeii,
  • Pop charts? top hearts,
  • Motherfuckers feel the rough, rugged and raw,
  • But I aint sell drugs to my community,
  • That's what the deep state do,
  • Send the zealots to the boot camp,
  • I fool ranks of troops and cooks,
  • Cook up this "beef" and serve it digital like Ubuntu,
  • Bush and Osama, they had the same masters,
  • You claim faster? I maim raptures,
  • My wrath be old, like the testament,
  • Intentionally slip you these words to capture minds and hearts,
  • Y'all served evil and pretended otherwise,
  • Why?

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