Battles  KingGreezy vs Gunrack



Max of 63 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


  • Let me talk, big dawg, gotta story to tell (Story to tell)
  • Tell me how in the hell I ended up in jail ( How the hell I do that?)
  • Spent two whole days locked in a cell (That's the weekend)
  • 'Till Kesha came by and she paid my bail (That's my baby)
  • I was chillin' outside of the corner sto' (Just chillin')
  • Just mindin' my business, talkin' to my bro (Whoop)
  • 'Till I saw a black car pullin' up real slow (There it is right there)
  • Then I dropped to the flo'! (No!)
  • Skrrt skrrt, then the car pulled off real quick (Skrrt!)
  • I looked over to my left, my homeboy got hit
  • So I ran to the house to go and get my shit (Hell no!)
  • Cause now I gotta bust somebody head in this bitch (Brrah)
  • I put the Glock in my sock, now I'm ready to go (Ready to go)
  • And I was about to grab the scope, but I heard a knock at the door
  • (Who the hell is it?)
  • I put the draco on the table and I peeped through the hole
  • glock by my side, man, it's the damn po-po (Goddamn)
  • I put the machete in the closet, told them give me a sec (One second!)
  • I put the flash bang in the tub next to the TEC (Git, git)
  • I put the sword in the case and put it under the desk
  • I put the dog in the cage, opened the door and said "Yes?"
  • He said "Sir, I'ma need you to come with me"
  • I said "For what?", he said "We saw you fleeing the scene"
  • I said "Ain't that a bitch, oh what? You profilin' me?"
  • He said "Sir, is that a gun sticking out your jeans?"
  • I said "Officer, I can explain", he hit me over the head and then
  • I think I got tased
  • Then they through me in the car and told me to be quiet
  • I said "Man, this is some bullshit, I ain't killed nobody!"
  • Now I'm riding in the car to the police station
  • Swear to God, man, these goddamn police racists
  • Pulled up to the lot, let me out, I ain't say shit
  • Next thing I know, I'm in interrogation
  • Ayy, I ain't snitchin', I ain't wit' it, hell yeah, I know who did it (Yep)
  • When I get up out this chair, I swear to God that he gon' get it (Baow, baow)
  • And I know my damn rights cause I been watchin' Law & Order (On TV)
  • So, I ain't say shit, but you can take it up wit' my lawyer
  • I'm a savage in these streets, way I'm rappin' on these beats (Yep)
  • What, I look like snitchin'?, I'm a real OG (Real OG)
  • KingGreezy on the scene, boy, you know just what it is
  • You gon' tell me what you know, or you gon' get a hundred years (Hell nah!)
  • What? A hunnid?
  • It was Montrell, he live on 1348 Opal Street, that's O-P-A-L (Montrell, O-P-A-L)
  • He got a Cadillac, it's all black and he got a wife and her name Rochelle
  • And his side chick name is Maria, she live on Opal Street as well (I hit that)
  • He also got two pit bulls that he fight on Friday night (Woof, woof)
  • And I think he steal his neighbor's power cause he don't pay for his own lights
  • He work at the Walmart down on Trade, his shift is 10:00 AM to 6:00 ('Till six)
  • He work in the meat department, so, if you lookin' for him, you'll find him by the fish
  • He a big ol' dude with dreads, like 400 pounds and that's no cap (No cap)
  • And he ain't got no gun permit, but somehow he always stay strapped (Dangerous man)
  • If I was you, I would look into that cause to me, personally, that seems oddly
  • You a snitch!
  • I don't give a shit!
  • I ain't going to jail for no damn body!
  • .......(greezy would never snitch).......


  • My life I was told being a rapper wasn't a real job
  • at least I wasn't flippin' patties like Spong bob
  • and anything's a real job if you make money from it
  • and every word I spit I'm making money from it.
  • I invest my money gonna grow like my check.
  • No Ice right now the only Ice I got is in the freezer.
  • My friends don't own nothing they said using my stuff
  • is easier they be sprinklin' that dust like Peter Pan
  • when they hear that siren though they all ran.
  • This story I'm so far tellin' about me, this story you may find hard to believe.
  • This is how I got owned.
  • When I was 13 I finally made my decision
  • I was gonna rap so I stuck wit' it I was gonna build
  • my own house and make sure no bricks slid they want my money
  • so I still sleep squinted.
  • I worked night and day like all the other rappers
  • say. I hated money and I couldn't buy dreams so by any means I would work
  • till I popped my spleen.
  • When I finally made it and I had the contract in my hand I could say
  • I had it planned I was gonna be in high demand fine i'll pretend this was
  • all an accident but success ain't on accident. Yo when I signed the contract
  • though I became property I was to behave properly. You know what's funny?
  • My people been waitin' to be free and they were forced to be slaves now it's
  • a choice on how much money you want to be paid.
  • When I was 13 I finally made my decision
  • I was gonna rap so I stuck wit' it I was gonna build
  • my own house and make sure no bricks slid they want my money
  • so I still sleep squinted.

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