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  • Here killin time drinkin; lookin at this Jack n'
  • I think Jill's missin' in action; so no smash'n
  • go cryin about the "bad men who wanna jack it"
  • ... but your mind's eye's smilin' at it
  • I bet ya have trouble sleepin
  • Know ya peepers been peepin n' been weepin'
  • You risky clickin between the fringes of the web again
  • "Dr AI" on Spotify; Mainframe with a dead brain
  • Nova caustic like 76-b, you'll catch lead rain
  • Dropped an ACROSTIC bomb so critical it gained weight
  • psychotic on chronic; shaman vudu subliminal
  • Stop n think back to; that Rappad criminal
  • who had *his* AI rap as Eminem imitational -ly;
  • til the NCMEC sees the evidence admissibly
  • til we see this predictable man play a thirteen "she"
  • chattin up chicks on the pad again, "Professionally"


  • I made this rap first
  • then you go steal my bars
  • this is my island you claim it
  • like Columbus I'm
  • Under ya nose a rose grew with no sun at all
  • which explains the plant seemingly small
  • Still packin' heat after all that fake beef with Gk-
  • yeah that was my fall
  • on top of 90's rap beat
  • take seat. I look up and wanna
  • cry sometimes and sometimes when I laugh it
  • sound like I'm dyin' sometimes but I've been
  • dyin' to shine I rap cause I'm dyin' to rhyme
  • the blasphemy imagery, these rappers suck, hip-hop is dyin'
  • most of the time.
  • Me and Gk- Trill still kills beats without Dr. Dre.
  • I picked up the book I read the pages who gonna see
  • mine when I walk off these stages Some make deals
  • Some provide meals
  • Some people sigin' deals
  • Ya'll know how it feels.
  • The touch of the brush, the artist use to write with
  • but as rappers our visions are silence that's something
  • I fight with tough times come in I
  • lay back my hair and go to the nearest light lit,
  • toddler I throw a fit, tantrum I scream and pout
  • don't know the money or amount it's sad to see
  • little kids wanting to be just like me.
  • This light is too bright I'm starting to make
  • my way to the camp site turn off your lamplight Goodmorning
  • goodnight fine don't say nothing that's alright but we got to stick
  • together were part of the same fight.

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