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Written battle only. Instrumental allowed. Do not have to have one. Topic can be anything, just bar for bar. Max 50 Lines.

Max of 50 lines


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  • I'm viciously stitches deep/
  • Critically/
  • acclaimed to murder on a track, leave a british sheep/
  • Leaping around like a skittish freak/
  • Fritters weak/
  • Whispers reak'o shit/
  • It's his teeth/
  • Thinks he's woke yet lives asleep/
  • I say hes a misfit, cheap/
  • Nitwit, neat/
  • So skip repeat/
  • Or get injured in this week/
  • I'll let the splinter in your shin begin to have this bigot speak/
  • Cos big foots peak/
  • Ain't no mountain to climb with those thinner limbs than the timber, Pete/
  • I'm so cold on a Mic, so wear your winter fleece/
  • Cos ya hearts bout ta be broken worse than a tinder meet/
  • Gone wrong, discretion now public in the streets/
  • Don't come near me you filthy slut, i don't want to finger teap/
  • So best bring her seat/
  • Or you'll be permanenlty left in your sleep/
  • Every time you hear a gush, I wind more leaves/
  • Hurry up and begin, pour: Tea/
  • Or I'll pop that pimple with a simple kick to your chin for free/
  • Better yet, I'll pick up Jason Violently to swing Voorhees/
  • Right into the fuck'en door hinge, poor me/
  • I forgot to cut his skin, tore, teeth/
  • Outta his mouther of a mouth, then spores keep/
  • Oozing from his wounds as his sores weep/
  • Keeping him awake with pain in, fourty/
  • Nights in a row, starved him whilst eating my dinner slow, Sins surely/
  • Have him pinned purely/
  • Since more sheep/
  • Keep escaping the heard and turning into minced horse meat/
  • I have the King's sword: seathed/
  • Just incase i need to erase the prince, sorely/
  • Because I'm a cunt I'll have it flinged soarely/
  • Into your chest to watch your souls pink orb leave/
  • A trail of a stink corpse beat/
  • Leaving blurred vision like you blink poorly/
  • So don't ever fuck'en drink or breathe/
  • Otherwise I'll have to wrap you up like a spin orb weave/
  • Swiftly with the discord keyed/
  • Meanwhile no one gives a fuck about ya lisp swore, speech/
  • It ain't my fault ya fruity ass got caught having his lips wore peach/
  • So get with the server as I have this Rhymes: link force, meet/
  • More than paper when I'm at war in major concerns that push more towards foreign favor, so hand in this score, teach/
  • Nobody wanta to listen to his storey, yet they all want to be apart of history/
  • Just depraved oppurtunists that missed glory/


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Grabba all y'all, know my fucking name nigga
  • ahhhhh
  • I'm in
  • (0:10)I'm rocking Amiri cardiare on my face
  • he talking heat get put in his place
  • He feeling like Tay-K he running the race
  • Shoot at an opp if they running away
  • I call her a hoe an she calling me bae
  • we ain't patrol but we gotta chase
  • I be tick tokin they telling me wait
  • and i shoot with no assist
  • they call me a grabba because i shoot with wit
  • she from the t's she be Poppin a tit
  • throw up an o and it's getting lit
  • 800 YGZ aint no better place
  • Throw up a O and im saying K
  • I'm trynna pull out and she saying wait
  • hit it some more till she yell AYEEE
  • Like wait
  • (0:34) The way i be dumping and ducking
  • Shoot at a opp if he not with the function
  • I tell her shut up im not with the fuck shit
  • He playing dodgeball the way that he ducking
  • Nigga check the score it's 10 to nothing
  • Smoking on Noah the way im Dumpin
  • Tell benji watch out the way he punching
  • His shit be kicking like he know Ju Junshin
  • She on my dick while we rumping
  • I call up T-Bad when we get 3 bad
  • and she Up it and dumpin
  • Call up K1NG KR3W and they know the function
  • I call up a baddie cuz i know she want it
  • AHHHH OYK DOAK REYWEYK all that shit to my dick

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