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  • Cut the hysterics you're a joke man; I'm bonafide barbaric
  • My demographic's like Conan - traumatized and erratic
  • My mind's primal, it's Jurassic. Off the line I'm passin the classics
  • At least passin Eso in his generic fuckin fabric.
  • No Supreme, no flexin; just off-white Adidas from the attic
  • No crew, no protection; Eso breaks just like ceramic;
  • I'm on the floe/flow to show Eso's career's just like the Titanic.
  • At least the iceberg got some contact; Eso's alone in panic
  • He's manic, he contracted it; the virus keeps him gaspin with raspy breath
  • Covid has him captive like he asked for it - takes him out like Macbeth
  • Kept his head tho no girl gonna give it; no girl can stand his breath
  • No girl gonna have it; nah he ain't even touched a breast
  • I'mma keep my piece abreast; ain't gonna give E no rest
  • pay em a visit - gonna put holes up in his chest
  • I'm so quick with it, E thought he was leakin from the stress
  • put pressure on the wounds; you're about to fail the test
  • Call his mama up an ask 'er if she's got a dress
  • fly her to the bahamas and leave her after sex
  • She like "Hey what the heck!?". Bitch, I'm just another ex
  • Last time I saw her... some G had her by the neck
  • misunderstood or not I'll leave ya hang above a field
  • Noosed so high, eyesight lined up with shaquille o'neal
  • you pussy fightin with ya nails; queen of females
  • dick so small, can't even claim shemale.


  • My bars are made of might quite like marmalade/
  • These wack Emcees on the scale to me are tardigrades/
  • These Emcees soft pussies like aftershave/
  • I already caught eddy tryna father the bastard Dave/
  • Now they on a run way like some gay star parade/
  • Bitch ass is look'en starved today/
  • Like he hasn't eaten, now a defeated beaten castaway/
  • So if you want to make a point with me, best be quick with the slits for I'll prove I have the sharper blade/
  • I'm really in the mood to have a carcass flayed/
  • Perhaps I should see about having the front bumper of the car kiss Slade/
  • Wait what, that would mean his head gets splattered apart, this way/
  • Ah to say whatever the fuck I like, like murder him just to dig up his corpse to halve the grave/
  • Yes, in life, I really am the darker shade/
  • Hiding in the shadows live, throwing fast grenades/
  • In the wind with my crimson chin, reflecting my par ta grace/
  • All this work for talent, you can't replace/
  • So best get to the oxygen machine to carbonate/
  • Your brain past inflate/
  • Because my egos so huge, like Goku to Chi-Chi: refusing to pass her plates/
  • Step up to the drawing board and get your arms erased/
  • Cos we don't need extra hands, as I've already got the answers placed/
  • I'm an inventor through DNA of the smarter race/
  • So you can keep your little skirt n Sparta capes/
  • Because if that's the generation of today, than to exist,so to the exit, I go cos I'd rather wait/

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