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gangsta shit

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  • this that gangsta shit, do or die
  • livin' life on an all-time high, fresh threads an' fine foods
  • speaking on global relations, swahili and hebrew
  • might just have to put this in basic english for you
  • otherwise, no one will realize how clearly i'm speaking
  • too many mental weaklings, bullies just trying to punch their way thru
  • but that's okay, cuz i'm here, keeping it gangsta with you
  • and eventually i will tire of this old blog, an' revert to my ol' slog
  • make sure tha' gutta' speach flows steady, an' all my hoes stay deadly
  • slicin' a razor-blade thru your cheek, heard about it in jazz
  • cuz, i listen close when toni morrison speaks


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  • I see 'em acting tough
  • Im bouta let 'em know
  • my dogs are getting hungry
  • Im bouta let 'em go
  • These days everybody wants to be Djs
  • or be Drake or be Dre or just replays
  • These days Im still gettin high still gettin by
  • still keep it greasy with the bread like its chicken-fried
  • Still gettin hoes to use their man just to get a ride
  • still keep it real in my lyrics like pac didnt die
  • still hope trump gets assassinated
  • his support got me mad as it got me fascinated
  • must be a lot of racism
  • they must keep a lot of hate with em
  • they must hate women
  • and anyone who aint with em
  • man I pray for em
  • but I cant relate with em
  • man
  • its nothin to me
  • yeah
  • you're funny to me
  • uh
  • Woah lemme get em
  • Forgive me please lord
  • please hold down my ego when I record
  • premo gasoline flow thru a V12
  • no time to kick back bddddat no recoil
  • Steph 3-0 my 3 ball on free throw
  • blowin C4 bust your head on the weed smoke
  • my money stay up like a skinny kid on a see-saw
  • wing chun flow feel like king kong
  • and im beatin on my chest
  • city is a gun show im keepin on a vest
  • police are getting paid for the people they arrest
  • so my head is on a swivel like im cheatin on a test
  • But i stay positive- for cocaine
  • I pee F i know chang
  • you all snake and no fang
  • all gang and no bang
  • well do i bang? no
  • just a hundred b****s

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