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  • Rap lost its values and morals
  • Or lessons what have you
  • instead of bitches givin oral
  • Used to be used to restore groups
  • But now just more coupes and lies to destroy you
  • It's whatever for the cheddar or provolone
  • I fuck a bitch with her face lookin like home alone
  • No control not remotely carin
  • Soak my soul with the blood I'm sharin through the air again
  • Dirty liver rhyme giver all delivered with no parents
  • Apparent my clarity is defined by my vicinity
  • I grew up poorer than these
  • Mcs within the burbs just saying words
  • This that and a third half asses through a verse
  • Fractions aren't lastin put them in past tense
  • No need for harassment
  • I'm just an actual savage not braggin
  • About my shit ass life I wish I could live twice
  • So I could die tonight be rich in the afterlife
  • But I'm not going without a fight
  • Had to think twice
  • Thoughts change get rearranged my mom did base
  • But put food on the plate
  • I don't move with the snakes
  • I don't drink with a chase
  • No stalker flow show stopper
  • So high because I twirled my cock like a helicopter so proper


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  • This is that, scared of the dark
  • The feeling that, someones watching you in the park
  • This the type of shit, that makes your heart need a jump start
  • Something like, being in a pool infested with sharks
  • These bars a shock your ass like jump scare
  • Like, waking up on stage in your underwear
  • When Primal Fear kicks in, most of us are unaware
  • You might freeze up from fear, after you poke the bear.
  • Choose, Flight or fight will you really fight for your life?
  • You niggas be gangbanging and sleepin with a night light
  • You wouldn't come outside, if it was just fist and knives
  • Never risks ya life, stayed in with the Fischer Price.
  • This that creepypasta, creepy like a plaque doctor
  • With more secret knowledge than a Vatican scholar
  • Im masked up like The phantom of the opera
  • Terrifying niggas who be snitching like the Mafia bitch
  • I pump fear into these queers like a redneck
  • Im bombing like a terrorist, without the headdress
  • You dudes just be tossing out threats, from a headset
  • Living in them virtual streets, like you joined DedSec.
  • My ego can offend a person who lacks self respect
  • I only really care about myself.. and a check.
  • I have no fear of death, i carry an albatross on my neck

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