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Must be old school Eminem instrumentals

Max of 40 lines


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  • I step in the room to raise up the bar
  • It’s anarchy now, and Im making my point
  • That I’ll ruin you, even when smoking a joint
  • and I don’t fuck with your crew
  • So they don’t fuck with me too
  • So ima shoot at them and they just shoot back at me too
  • Bullet holes in walls making them see-through
  • See when we battle, it’s not them it’s gonna be me and you
  • And I just speak the truth, I ride the beat, you just beat the tune
  • Jumpy motherfucker like peek-a-boo
  • You don’t wanna step without all of the tools
  • That I know you’re gon’ use, you’re useless without ‘em
  • I’m counting on you, to fuck yourself over
  • And be losing control to your senses, no mention of anything else
  • But the bestest I’m reckless and rested and ready for domestics
  • You best get prepped for the test, yeah I’m bout to confess
  • Cos really it’s no matter whether you’re spittin harder
  • Or faster, or writing shit harder and badder, I’m father
  • You’re bladder, i piss on you senseless
  • No need for forgiveness, I mean the disrespect bitch
  • You’re worthless, I can see your mood’s getting bent
  • Cos there’s no food to be fed, on the table
  • Cos you’re broke and you’re fat, in a year you’ll be dead!
  • And I’ll just laugh in your face and I’ll comment “no trace”
  • And I’ll take out the page of history
  • the year of your mommas mistake
  • The day that your dad made that face, and your momma did too
  • That’s the day that’s led to me and you.


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  • This beat was made by Em, so check hip-hop's history
  • I reject your street cred like payment card industry
  • Not ready for the infantry boy is still in infancy
  • My 16's over his head colder than B-17
  • You dont belong in the Pack, I'm Eastern, the real Stan on the map
  • You'll go from the cul-de-sac to being COLD in a sack
  • I dont do triplets or "drip it" to fill in my wristlets
  • My sweat be driblet, this shit easy and Greasy so I just skill it/skillet
  • He been Weak from the start I tossed Buttercups on his grave
  • I've practiced my uppercut slapping ya hoe's bubble butt every day
  • Let's finish up that file, random lyrics I sand piled
  • You aint big enough, manchild, I hit her up Pac style
  • He acts as a rebel, but I'm governmental so get smashed into pebbles
  • You aint close to the top so coming up hot you'll be back in the kettle
  • And I'm strapped with the metal, he's shackled and trembles
  • Got him dragged in a ghetto, there's gasping and echoes
  • From his sack to his rectal, clearing path to his temple
  • In a knot like a pretzel, there's wrath on the menu
  • I'll be right at the venue where I blast at your nephew
  • And then snap y'all in half till you're only a vessels

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