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Write a song bout a bitch you don’t like Fictional or real

Max of 39 lines


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  • lies ha
  • you listen to her lies but ya dont realise that aint true
  • and then behind your back she be lyin bout you
  • ye they so see through so untrue
  • yea i dont know what you see in her shes so fake
  • yea a barbie unreliably worse then what mattel make
  • yea an when she crosses the line you dont see
  • you so blind what are you 63?
  • you dont flow free she chained you up an threw away the key
  • your so unreliable its undeniable
  • look up look down her fakeness all around
  • ye this town raised on lie not single stupid bitch can recognize
  • and its all becaus of her lies
  • I’m gettin sick of her demise
  • It’s our time to shine!
  • Yeah you hoes all watchin her pose
  • Smile for the camera in those ugly ass tights!
  • This bitch obviously came here lookin for a fight
  • She schemin
  • Ain’t a single fuckin quality she gives redeemin
  • Ye this stupid ass Barbie got you all dreamin
  • Can’t see through her lies even tho they clear as a glass ceiling
  • She runnin this fuckin town behind all y’all’s backs
  • One wrong move and she already knows to attack!
  • We shouldn’t let that bitch clap back
  • Don’t save plastic ass
  • Let melt in the sun
  • So everyone finally know what she really made of
  • She ain’t made of sugar spice or anything nice
  • She made of plastic
  • An ain’t nothin bout this bitch classic


  • I got a bitch she suck good
  • But she dont suck da balls
  • I told her sip my cum, taste like good food
  • fuck her so hard, knock all the walls down
  • when she couldnt take it all, made me frown
  • I pulled up on that bitch up in the projects
  • then I nutted on her breasts
  • Pulled out the glock and boom!
  • She was dead.

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