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  • when i come rollin' on thru, i hit tha' re-up, fillin' my cup to tha' brim
  • bae so bad, she spark my flow, now we get down low
  • liberty blazin'
  • hell raisin'
  • revere my stride, in 'dese streets i do abide
  • still tho, life jus' feelin' like it was all a dream
  • wake an' bake wit' a joint, chillin' wit' lil kim
  • trace my scars, see my years unfold, ain't so young, ain't so old
  • addict fo' tha' culture, jus' fiendin' fo' platinum an' gold
  • chains drip, drip, drippin' like tropical rains, relics of our pain
  • gangsta in tha' trenches, hoppin' 'dese fences
  • receivin' tha' torch in 'dis rhythmic-heritage
  • lightin' up 'dese flagrant bigots, tossin' 'em on my grilly
  • burn 'em so hot, 'dey feelin' it
  • burn 'em so hot -- 'dat gonorrhea -- 'dey feelin' it
  • it'sa rap delicacy, i smear 'dat mustard onnit
  • so f*ckin' savage, eatin' yo' face off while i run yo' pockets
  • steal yo' heart an' put it inna' lock-it, neva' gonna' unlock it
  • cannibalistic in tha' limelight, get 'dat taste, i'm done sealin' yo' fate
  • easy-pea-zee, jus' pickin' tha' corn from my teeth


  • Haven't written in 12 months/
  • Thought Id jump on here and see whats up/
  • See what is what, who's fallen behind and who
  • is up front/
  • Saw a battle needing a challenge 'n' before I
  • knew it my keys were getting struck/
  • Got gangsta man here talkin bout fienden for
  • platinum n gold/
  • But is about to be bleedin from a smashed
  • in skull/
  • Trying to get poetical with tropical rains,
  • nobody's gonna care about your pains when all you
  • became is just smeared blood stains/
  • And If im not mistaken your rap
  • turned into a gay thing/
  • Talking about how they are burning like an STD/
  • Sounds tasty, you go ahead grillem and eat/
  • Sticking your hands in there pockets,
  • keeping there heart safe in a locket/
  • I dont know you but sounds
  • like your locked in the closet/
  • You started out pretty good but then lost it
  • like when a bulimic eats and vomits

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