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  • f*ck his dumb ass pullin a knife in da' street
  • pullin up on a runt b*tch like it's trick or treat
  • comin fo' yo' spleen, slice, slice, make u bleed
  • an' a kidney or two, u kno dis traffic iz real
  • droves of 'em body snatchas, huntin about
  • seriously, who else gonna get serious, an call 'em out?
  • been a dark day in hell, seein 'dese bodies for sale
  • children an' women, an' grannies to boot
  • cruel lessons in our war of attrition
  • see what happens when a human rises to ambition
  • when a gangsta points tha' way in our common mission
  • tell truth an' wage peace, seek education from tha' trees
  • marathon og in my future i see, been slow to move
  • been siftin' for grooves, like brail or a trail of subtle hints
  • thread by thread, weavin' mystic tapestry
  • no delay to tha' feed, realtime mobbin' tru ghetto savagery
  • throngs be partin' like tha' red sea, establishin' formal dynasty
  • among tha' goats and tha' sheep, it's a tiger who creeps
  • among grass an' ferns, jaws, claws an' instinct
  • churnin' in my guts, a whole maze of thots
  • werkin' ova'time clearin' bots, twerk break, hit da' spot
  • grind neva' stops, still crippin' da' cops
  • sleep is for tha' weak, an' sure do need a lot
  • betta' off in bed, pillow safely cushionin' my head
  • lest i be dead, with no heed for tha' world
  • who knows, maybe i'll jus' disappear like a toilet bowl swirl
  • make my hair curl, an' isnarl like a beast
  • fight to kill, an' leave tha' body in a ditch
  • innocence a bygone topic of remorse, still beatin' dis path
  • ridin' dis ol' horse, playin' wit' words
  • cuz tha' way i see it, sh*t is jus' way too f*ckn absurd
  • i dunno how many been gone, in a haze of meth, daggers
  • ova'dose, an' bullets
  • but it will stop one day, won' it?


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  • I'm running back to get them,
  • Have to detach what you had stacked as that's when I had attacked through set's members
  • Yes, dismember every living thing that isn't me, whilst vision deep within this written speech.
  • have to end here,
  • lit sparks is how it starts,
  • blackened embers scar dark patches onto the wall as to remember not you at all,
  • what faggot?,
  • You wanted to play, should I have bought you a ball,
  • instead of brought you a brawl brewed up storms,
  • when we talked through the wall.
  • get your corpse chewed up, scorned,
  • spewed guts, drawn,
  • all over your mothers new, cut, lawn.
  • so who sucks?.
  • you suck Shaun the sheep,
  • so go on, you crawl, a creep,
  • whilst we're all asleep, yet to know I'm awake waiting with the blade as I align a scrape.
  • As I plan another Lure in reach.
  • to me this rap game league is like having minors raped.
  • who would have thought tubes in a naught would have distracted you long enough for me to foresee that your broads on me wanting to take off, half nude in the drought,
  • putting my cock in her pussy, that's literally, "two in a thought".
  • Didn't want to get Destroyed in a battle?,
  • well you should have " Googled, Brutal Assault".
  • Researched everything to use in the vault,
  • but no trust those losers who choose to just sulk.
  • spitting their dummy like a nudist adult,
  • because i spit fluid in bulk.
  • Don't play Hangman with me for my lyrics will wrap themselves around you neck to have you hung with the
  • noose as a fault.
  • I maybe be one but I'm synonymous with the world, I'm a lone unit occult.
  • Electrically charged, discharging numerous bolts.
  • so be careful when crossing my sea's when he invites you to go cruise in his boat.
  • for soon it is told that these legendary rumors hit gold,
  • but that's a fuck'en lie, like when Humans were sold,
  • forcing them to get gruesome, involved,
  • cutting to pieces their own brothers n nieces because of their colors mixed with other beliefs that, showed he put trust into Jesus
  • so now they want him to shutter in weakness, with nothing to remember their loved ones but, a bloodied, shoved gun, inside the skull of his young mum, whole life infront of him, undone,
  • for the most stupid shit, whoa..
  • Everyone knows what I spit is like straight from a shooters clip, cold.
  • fragmentation's are all that's left as an agitation,
  • left for the man to take a stand to crack the case in with annotations on profile of this this
  • Convict, Fugitive, sole.
  • from running the history to the very last "Computer Chip Code".
  • to his involvement with sacrificial Bond, "crucifix goals".
  • So I suggest you Think before going against me knowing I'm angry, before I force you to
  • chomp on Food that is old,
  • and have the nerve comment on it like,
  • " Ew dude, it had mold".
  • I'm too ruthless in cold, temperatures drop as my appendages bend inside my muscles as my appendix twists,
  • and yet with this I can still throw shade in your face like " I know you are quick to be attentive, dicked".
  • sensitive brittle man left with no sensors, stripped, no filter, no censorship, no guidance, lives his life auto pilot, no mentor ship,
  • So don't bother stepping to me or my excellency will slit your neck into three, severed in deep, left headless, a heap of body left to seep in soggy, carpet, as in spirit you say yes, as you see he's Godly, praying saying " Rest in peace to Bobby".
  • and you couldn't even hold anything down let alone experience a "Groupie chicks hold"
  • this isn't news to fix souls, this is you playing your cards wrong digging a "super big hole"
  • Just for you to go to sleep in over the sober weekend is what you were just told.

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