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  • Diamond_shine_2-o:
  • I can't get u out my head
  • Thinking about when I was soaking in your bed
  • Even after u cheated on me
  • I still took u back
  • I feel as if I regret that
  • But u know ain't u gotta lie to me
  • But maybe I was wrong to think we were meant to be
  • I thought we was goin' to be together
  • While I am soaking in your ocean
  • U a traitor using me fo sex
  • Mine get the fuck out my life
  • With all those lies
  • Saying baby please
  • But he ain't just for you he for everybody
  • My name ain't molly
  • So nigga there is no sorry
  • When I ask who you texting
  • You always say nobody
  • With me you gotta pay a fee
  • Take me out on shopping sprees
  • Plenty of days I felt like calling these niggas pussy's
  • Since you been hanging with your buddies we started all that fucking fussing
  • TwistedThingz:
  • The fucker cheats, the girl weeps
  • Tears leak, but she won't admit defeat
  • Continue on, find someone better
  • Don't change yourself, there's no pressure
  • They fucked with you, toyed with you like you were just a sock puppet
  • But you're better than that. Don't let them take advantage of ya
  • That pussy fuckin' every other bitch, but you the one
  • If he was loyal, them bitches prolly gon' pimp him
  • He fucked it up, blew his operation
  • Like he did when he fell, dropped his empty handgun
  • Shot himself, a suicide convention
  • A truth so sick 'n crooked, it could be twisted
  • But no matter how bad you treat her, how much she's used
  • She's a beauty, the 'diamond' will shine, she sealed that wound
  • If you can't see it, don't try to get a hit
  • The 'diamond' gon' shine even without your ass
  • Why cry when you lose an asshole that cheats?
  • Carry on, move on, get a loyal gentleman, let the bitch accept defeat
  • Used as a sex slave? There's a new way you've paved.
  • Now you the one he idolize, staring at your photo for days, has it framed
  • Failed, succeed. Who am I to declare? The fucker lost a treasure for three long weeks
  • Them tears just make you stronger, just 'cause he used you for your body, don't make you a whore
  • If he's fucking every other girl, he's the whore.
  • The man-bitch, crossin', switchin' still transitionin'. Who to be, he ain't sure
  • Not a bitch, not a sex idol. How was she 'spose to know you wanted to fuck her 'n leave?
  • A loyal girl, treat her gently, be a man 'n love her, don't just try to fuck her
  • A prize should be earned, not given. I ain't just talkin' about her virginity or her pussy
  • I'm talkin' 'bout helpin' her, supportin' her, bein' there for her no matter what (you'll see)
  • Soon she'll prolly have somethin' better, where she's the center, the main focus
  • Fuck those other girls, stay with her, she's your girl, you owe her all of this
  • If you treat your girl badly, just remember:
  • She can always get someone better.
  • Be loyal to her, treat her good. It ain't just about gettin' her body.
  • Now she smarter, more clever.
  • She wants real love. Don't fuck that shit up.
  • If you do, you're done. She'll go find someone else. Eventually.


  • Time to put an end to twisted
  • Once and for all it's worth
  • He put out a diss and he missed it
  • Punch the wall it's hurting
  • He got mad when a fag said he couldn't rap out
  • So he punched a bag and put a crap out
  • At 12 AM with no challengers near
  • But it's time to spit valid the challenge is here
  • I don't know what you said to me because I'm blinded in darkness
  • Flow faster than when my dog named spark pissed
  • On the carpet that I will wipe your legacy with
  • You're not a target you're just the mess that I missed
  • The only thing about to get twisted
  • Is your balls when I pull which one?
  • The one that is wicked
  • I understand you're too young to care
  • But please rubber band back to the audience
  • You missed your chair
  • They said I couldn't rhyme but this whole battle proves otherwise
  • Because I wouldn't commit crime unless my father pulls other wives

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