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  • It's all on SoundCloud. Was a on the spot freestyle.


  • slow to find a vibe, always lookin' for tha' risin' tide
  • so let tha' seas settle, speakin' in low swell, we can chill for a while
  • all tha' bustle an' tussle neva' ends, fightin' for a lil piece of cheese
  • mind-games an' psychological warfare to define my lines
  • bounce on a buoy, transmittin' into tha' deep seas
  • resonance wit' earth's core, goin' deep on science an' finance
  • research for tha' sake of posterity, buildin' global architecture
  • realignin' ancient political structures, patchin' 'em punctures
  • imagine a time an' place, where we are face to face
  • let tha' vibe carry tha' pace, racin' towards our final destination, chasin' first place
  • experimental verbiage to expose tha' schoolin' i'm in, ghetto fabulous
  • holdin' r*ches while chattin' wit' bae, cuz we double up
  • gotta take a ball an' run tha' court, been studyin' 'dis game like it's a sport
  • bars so lit, comin' straight from tha' heart, askin' for divine presence in my art
  • if u readin' 'dis, jus' kno u r an important part of my exploration
  • u kno what it means to play an important part, so let it become exactly who u r
  • damn. i'm jus' learnin' tha' truth for tha' first time, gainin' knxwledge, contemporary mentors stay bright
  • u'll kno exactly who is right, first to tha' fight, goin' all night
  • crack tha' seal to reveal common agenda, lettin' new wounds heal
  • ol' scars, i neva' been in lack, one time i suffer a snap of neck
  • but i jus' keep comin' back, shatta cru on track, gangsta life, one way, no way back

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