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  • been at it, whoa!
  • glock in a my hand, extra clips ready to go
  • neva' gonna' stall
  • fixin' to put some holes in y'all
  • watchin' blood drip thru cracks in tha' sidewalk
  • concrete culture, where i bite tha' curb as a matta' of fact
  • citywide, grey an' red mosaic
  • tha' people weep, so i cry with 'em
  • salt tha' earth, burn tha' green
  • smoke cloudin' my mind, fillin' tha' skies ova'head
  • forests ablaze in 'dis modern haze
  • livin' on a penny, ain't neva' been wise
  • got grease in my voice, bars of rage
  • flip tha' script an' tear tha' page
  • it's all a dream, king in no clothes
  • sleepin' tha' days away


  • Mattecypher, don’t let his name fool you, he ain’t spitting no cypher
  • Guess the dust in the old brain is making him hyper
  • I could take him down headshot with the sniper
  • I’ve seen all his raps, man just keeps getting lazy
  • His profile pic fits, cuz he’s got less style then a baby
  • 64 line blind battle is a little bit shady
  • His 24 losses makes me think he’s fucking crazy
  • No more chances, he’s fucked it up
  • I make crowds go wild, he make crowds chuck it up
  • Here’s his 25th loss, go suck it up
  • Mattecypher is still a rookie
  • He sending blind battles like a lil pussy
  • I’ll send all the fire lines, cuz he a lil pushy
  • I don’t need that to win, one line he already crumbling like a cookie
  • I’m battling Mattecypher, you know the guy who never got a lady
  • He got too close to his mom, so he started screaming “save me”
  • He too weak, I flicked him and it sent his ass to hades
  • Let me teach you man, it’s the cycle of power
  • I absorb all the heat, call me Eiffel Tower
  • Yeah this shit too hot it ain’t never gonna stop
  • He the leprechaun I’m the fucking golden pot
  • I’ll take his fucking hat cuz X marks the spot (his pfp got a weird fucking top)
  • We all know he aint lyrical
  • And we all know who’ll win cuz it’s poor Mattecypher VS Lil Skitil

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