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  • My Shit Unbridled I'll Leave ya at the ALTAR if you trying to ENGAGE under Gawd
  • These rivaled knockoffs is just Fodder for tha Father semblances embracing a PAGE of a FRAUD
  • My critical review with leave you critical, the snub spit like takes from a SNOB, What you employ can't do the JOB,
  • Overwork came through the out do the SLOB, You ain't dressing for this affair but Gauddy's apparel (a peril) is gonna fit you GREAT
  • He'll go from stressing causually on this mismatch to his homegoing fashionably LATE,
  • It'll be a great pleasure, I'm here to bring my peers pressure make diamonds from the CONFLICT
  • These V's turn PN's (peons) to CyberGhosts, Thats Our IP's (RIP's) on Rip
  • Your Pen's a trait's (penetrates) of pussy's they put agencies against a BOND CHICK
  • Today, See (Daisy) Duke ain't a Hazzard out, He just getting ass out like a hillbilly BLONDE CHICK.
  • Papa GaGa Akin to the Baba Yaga emperors new groove so in toon (tune) LLAMAS will stomp out the roach singing LA CUCARACHA
  • Defuse (the Views) from the 6 or we pulling up to the park just to the direct (rec) you from your REFUGE, I'll turn it to Aubrey PLAZA
  • Ya'lll just meme's, Don't confuse me with GIFs (Jeffs) unless you mention DAHMER,. Gauddy.


  • That's how I roll Jaw out of control as I double stack my bars cause I'm gifted
  • You're not a wiz kid, but your a pissed kid, nobody can study me cause my pupils restricted
  • Euphoric bliss mixed with blistic when my spit drips from my lips
  • Gyrating hips like im jacked up on dew man cause im a human lift kit
  • Equipped with bars that sure a shit uplifted this socialistic misfit
  • In case you missed it, my linguistic is simply simplistic
  • My lift kit as I call it , is purely symbolic cause my lyrics creates a hormonal shift that'd not hydraulic

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