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  • It's been a minute since I took an pen and gripped it
  • You fake ass rappers are sorta like a figment
  • Imaginations Inauthentic with bars that sound barrowed
  • Nothing but a circle jersey a bunch Jack off Harlows
  • Giving each other props and unearned follows
  • The only pin you got surrounds the shit watch um wallow
  • Bunch of actors acting like they pack straps like new packs of Marlboro s
  • You nit with wouldn't be the shit with mics against your ass holes
  • A bunch of crooks with no soul Mazzie Bars to hard for to handle
  • My mandible unmanageable ammo ya I got a mouth full
  • Your wanna bes are easy targets don't make me say pull
  • Consider you little Ginger slims warned take on your top gun
  • Out shooting Mavericks like I'm Magic at the forum
  • Above the Norm like beer mugs and wine glasses
  • CHEERS you fagots couldn't hold my chalice bitch
  • Fuck a puppet Watchme cut the strings take his body a dump it
  • You can bring Two too Sense you like riding the dick of an old dude with no life
  • Skin you both with a rusty blade put in Walkers mouth like his waters made
  • Ain't none of you nic Nacs safe frome the fade
  • Mazzie slap the cup out ur hand and that's facts
  • NAC safe in his shell like he living in Mereums hat
  • Hiding from Hyde like he a hard task.
  • Talking about a dude that drove for six hours for and didn't get no pussy or gas
  • Mello ur a bitch who likes it up the ass. Come at me pussy I promise you'd get smashed
  • Witch one you faggots want it first..Mazzie pull up quick like Clyde Cabbage in skirt


  • You still ain’t grippin pens, you typed out that verse right there
  • If I’m sorta like a figment it’s ya worst nightmare
  • Mazzie manufactured but ain’t bringin the business
  • Type to tell a motherfucka you got lyrical lyrics
  • I’m in it to win it when I hear these failures spit
  • I don’t even need a pin when I been nailin this shit
  • Talkin Marlboro’s cause you know it’s lit, I’m smokin shit
  • But once you get the box or the ashes then it’s over with
  • You clam you got a mouth full and not to make ya say pull
  • Seems you’d rather swallow swords but ya razor blade dull
  • I’m gettin in my bag and you gettin in a bodybag
  • Droppin all these names when we still ain’t heard you drop a track
  • Got 2 bars on me? Maybe you knew you were facin yo doom
  • Go ahead, dump my body, only shows who makin more moves
  • If I got killed not a drop spilled, you not ill, I’ll sick em though
  • Ya rappin’s ass, if Mazzie slaps it’s the Ross Wilson video

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