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  • These blinds comes with a lost in sight when you trying to come pose against THE COMPOSER's WRITE.
  • With those 'attack ya leave ya fractured with an altered stature when I lose MY COMPOSURE', RIGHT ?
  • Seeing how can't you fill a space but no matter I'm gonna end YOUR CLOSURE PLIGHT.
  • . Its a done deal with these in equities (iniquities) finna be paid in fools trying to FOREGO THE LIGHT
  • Gauddy Zatoichi keep A STEEL UNSHEATHED,
  • The Gauddy ILL'S COME SEETHED, so hold your breath
  • for a Dub against the killer, I'm hunting blind's SO DON'T BREATHE.
  • Afterwards if you peeping body language this finna be A COLD READ.
  • Cooperation or any op is sharing this drum roll like A CO LEAD.
  • Feeling charitable with the ill will with this content (discontent) who want THE PROCEEDS.
  • As I proceed take heed or covering arms on tricks nothing UP MY SLEEVE
  • You know what's A PET PEEVE ? What ya'll guy's surmised to get ya BRUTALIZED TIL YA EUTHANIZED.
  • Against the heavenly heavy DENSIFIED AS A PLANET SIZE'.
  • Just an SOAP star with daytime drama ties who''ll get DRAMATIZED AFTER TRAUMAUTIZED.
  • Showoff's spin off from this "PULL Vrrr RISE" worst than showoffs WP VULGARIZED FLIP FROM PULVERIZED .
  • .Got ads coming of so many clicks on a bitch KINDA SUPRISED IT AIN'T MONETIZED. Maubties.


  • If Death Row's not the punishment/ then likely/ i ain't done it.
  • I be out a night head hunting/ i love the sound of heads crushing.
  • And bitches spread on the bed/ while there screaming and suffering
  • I love Throwing hot grease and butter on peeled skin
  • Heat it up it smells like burning rubber/ i never bought a rubber
  • Gave AIDs on purpose to half my lovers/ im a nasty motherfucker
  • Ill shit on your covers/ and take a piss on ya sleeping mother.

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