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  • My numbers rise as I shoot straight lines through the game, my dubs are perfectly segmented and ar”ray”ed
  • I paved a way past the rubble and cleaned the slate so others could see the journey I made (maid)
  • Wasn’t always this sweet. My mind was bombarded with internal warheads prior to arising
  • Like Moby Dick with Captain Ahab’s ship, I had to go through some tough capsizing
  • Others advised me to flow along with emotions and pick out bad feels like guitars
  • But like the children in Warner’s books, they made me wanna reside away in boxcars
  • I eventually rose up like an emperor and said “things are all cool”
  • Cause I got something to live for so my aspirations won’t end up like yarn, the end of the spool
  • To follow your passions you have to take into account the “fruits” you have been given and use them compassionately
  • Dress them to success with the best styles fashionably
  • If something seems possible, do it, Nelson Mandela was right with this quote
  • Cause it gave me motivation to extend my actions on goals and further my drive like a stagecoach
  • Change what you don’t like about yourself, you might find it difficult, but plug in a good mindset and be an adaptor
  • Cause the small things will often stand out as the most plaguing and eat you from the inside, like velociraptors
  • I made it my incentive to write 16 lines a day, cause 16+16+16 equals reached dreams
  • I have the aspiration to make the same numbers in future streams


  • who have i been? who will i become?
  • smokin' dis joint, whilst i ask questions an' seek wisdom
  • followin' tha' song in my dream, steady chasin' tha' cream
  • life's a b*tch, so i go deep for tha' win
  • frontline soulja slayin' tha' game, hard boi earnin' a name
  • hella gangsta in my lane, it's dat twenty-five eight
  • awake all night, eyes watchin' hours pass by
  • mental in a knot, mind jus' keeps goin' an' won' stop
  • steady mobbin' -- heart throbbin' -- head bobbin'
  • drop a beat, drop an ounce, roll it up, whole city gonna bounce
  • put me inna' whip, u kno i'ma make it spin
  • see me chillin' wit bae, u kno i'ma make her sin
  • lavish wit' tha' praise, tru life of a hip-hop-gentleman
  • battle life, u kno i get it in

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